The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives

The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives
The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives

Ammo scarce in The Last of Us? No worries – a diverse array of explosive tools can still obliterate enemies. When guns aren’t an option, these 6 heavy hitters get the job done:

6. Invaluable Stealth Utility of Smoke Bombs

The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives (Smoke Bomb)

Don’t underestimate smoke bombs. Stealth is critical in The Last of Us, and smoke bombs enable bamboozling foes for silent takedowns. They also temporarily blind enemies to attack safely from cover. With advanced enemy AI, any advantage helps, especially on higher difficulties.

5. Delayed Gratification Via Pipe Bombs

The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives (Pipe Bombs)

Pipe bombs create massive delayed explosions that consume anyone nearby. Harder to craft than other tools, but each one provides two bombs, so the extra materials pay off. They are essential for wiping out multiple targets, so build them whenever possible.

4. Static But Lethal: Creative Trap Mine Tactics

The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives (Trap Mine)

Trap mines unleash devastating explosions when triggered by passersby. Lay them ahead undetected, then lure enemies with bricks or bottles to set them off from a safe distance. Stationary but deadly if used cleverly.

3. Scattershot Damage of Improvised Nail Bombs

The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives (Nail Bomb)

Similar to trap mines, throwable nail bombs stun groups within their large blast range. Crafting these is simple, so they make satisfying improvised grenades to incapacitate clusters of foes before moving in.

2. Molotov Cocktails’ Fiery Crowd Control

The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives (Molotov)

Molotov cocktails are invaluable despite not being explosive. The fire damages groups while letting you reposition and recover. Since they are craftable, molotovs enable clearing areas without ammo. They also strip away bloaters’ armor for easier takedowns.

1. Explosive Arrows: Turning Your Bow into an AOE Weapon

The Last of Us, Top 6 Best Explosives (Explosive Arrows)

Finally, unlocked explosive arrows convert your bow into an area-of-effect weapon for hitting multiple infected at once. You can snipe them into hordes or herd foes into the blast radius. Just know the noise may attract unwanted reinforcements.

With all these explosives at your disposal, running out of ammo needn’t spell disaster. Adapt tools like smoke, flames, mines and bombs to any situation. Getting creative with explosives often means the difference between life and infected death. Utilize everything at your fingertips to get the upper hand!

The Last of Us Part I is accessible on PS4, PS5 and Windows PC – Part II on PS4.

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