Tekken 8 Roster Complete: Reina’s Trailer Reveals Dual Fighting Style

Tekken 8 - Reina Reveal

Tekken 8 Introduces Heihachi’s Daughter Reina as Playable Fighter in new trailer.

Tekken 8 - Reina Reveal

Key Highlights:

  • Tekken 8 reveals final fighter Reina with gameplay trailer and details
  • Illegitimate daughter of Heihachi Mishima, inherits electric powers
  • Uses acrobatic Taido style along with Mishima karate signature moves
  • Designed to reflect duality in personality and fighting style
  • Joins roster of 32 fighters including newcomers Victor Chevalier and Azucena

The full roster for the upcoming fighting game Tekken 8 has been unveiled with the reveal of the final playable character, Reina. A new gameplay trailer highlights her lethal abilities as both the illegitimate daughter of Heihachi Mishima and a master martial artist.

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Reina rounds out the launch lineup to 32 total fighters mixing returning veterans with exciting newcomers. Her reveal coincided with a special event featuring Tekken 7 EVO champs competing and a guest appearance by the fighting title’s producer.

Heihachi’s Successor

As Heihachi Mishima is deceased in Tekken 8’s story, Reina serves as a successor wielding his electrifying abilities and some signature moves. This is teased through her purple lightning attacks and winning round animations that mirror Heihachi.

Her Rage Art finisher encapsulates the connection, summoning Heihachi’s shadowy visage with horns as she pummels the opponent. As Heihachi’s secret daughter, she would also be the half-sister of Kazuya Mishima and aunt to Jin Kazama – more tangled family drama!

Dual Fighting Style

Tekken 8 - Reina Vs Hwoarang Fight Gameplay

Reina combines graceful, acrobatic Taido techniques with crushing Mishima karate. This represents the duality developers aimed to capture in both her personality and combat style.

Taido’s agile footwork allows swift movement for unleashing combos, while Mishima powers like the Electric Wind God Fist lend raw strength. Her moveset balances speed, aggression and power depending on the situation.

Striking Character Design

Reina’s outfit conveys her bold, mysterious vibe. Elements like the horned hairpiece nod to her connection with Heihachi and devil gene lineage.

Her modern streetwear style contrasts the traditional gi worn by some other Mishima fighters. Reina’s personality duality is visually expressed and embodied in her design through both costume and aesthetic choices.

Tekken 8’s full roster offers exciting variety with veteran mainstays now joined by unique newcomers like forest ranger Victor Chevalier and fortune teller Azucena.

Reina adds another complex dimension tied deeply into the Mishima clan war. Fans eagerly anticipate mastering her duo fighting style when the Beat ‘Em Up launches next February.

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