Tekken 8 Closed Beta Now Live, Collector’s Edition Trailer

Tekken 8 Closed Beta Now Live

Tekken 8 Closed Beta Now Live, New Collector’s Edition Trailer Details.

Tekken 8 Closed Beta Now Live

The anticipated closed beta test for hotly anticipated fighting game Tekken 8 has gone live on PlayStation 5, providing selected players hands-on time with nearly 20 playable fighters across 6 stages. However, recently revealed details on Tekken 8’s $299.99 premium collector’s edition have sparked divided opinions on its value.

Selected Players Can Preview 19 Fighters Across 6 Stages

Those registered for the closed beta can now experience Tekken 8’s refined combat firsthand and provide crucial feedback ahead of its 2024 launch. The extensive 19 character roster includes franchise mainstays like Jin Kazama, Hwoarang, and Bryan Fury alongside recent additions such as Leroy Smith.

Players can battle online or practice against AI “ghosts” of other players via the new Ghost Battle mode. Lobbies also allow participating in the CBT as customised avatars. This preview offers the most extensive look yet at the Beat ‘Em Up’s polished graphics and mechanics.

Bandai Namco will utilise impressions to fine-tune and balance the fighting title in the coming months. While exciting for diehard fans, the closed nature of this beta means most can only spectate for now until open betas possibly occur.

New Tekken 8 Collector’s Edition Trailer

YouTube video

For superfans eager to go beyond the base game, details on the Tekken 8 premium collector’s edition also recently emerged. The $299.99 premium bundle includes physical items like a lighting-up Devil Jin statue, art book, and replica of Leroy’s ring. The trailer showcases all of the items that players will get as a reward for obtaining their copy.

Tekken 8 Leroy Smith Metal Ring
Leroy Smith Metal Ring

Also featured are in-game bonuses like exclusive customisation options and four playable fighters. But the high price for a fighting game collector’s edition has proven divisive among fans.

Some believe the substantial 25cm Devil Jin statue alone could justify the cost for devoted collectors. Along with other tangible items like art cards and an arcade token, the set features rare real-world memorabilia from the franchise.

Tekken 8 Exclusive Electrified Figurine

But detractors argue the overall package pales in comparison to collector’s editions of games like Halo costing the same amount. And bonuses like bonus characters feel more like standard pre-order perks rather than collector’s items.

The $300 investment equals the cost of a brand-new Xbox Series S console, framing perceptions of value. While the Tekken merchandise holds appeal for diehard fans, more casual players may hesitate at the steep price.

Of course, collector’s editions cater specifically to a niche audience rather than general crowds. For fans with disposable income dedicated to their favourite franchises, the robe and ingame extras could be irresistible.

Tekken 8 Arcade Token
Arcade Token

But Bandai Namco limiting broader merchandise opportunities for the fighter historically exacerbates pricing frustrations. Opportunities to express fandom outside of costly collector’s editions have been lacking.

Ultimately, Tekken 8 aims to please both casual and hardcore audiences. The closed beta offers the first taste of gameplay innovations to come, while the collector’s edition courts the most devoted fans.

Tekken 8 Special Face-off Steelbook
Special Face-off Steelbook

Balancing between widening accessibility and rewarding loyalty is an ongoing challenge facing fighting franchises. But with competitive foundations intact, the Beat ‘Em Up appears on track to serve both camps.

The collector’s edition hype exemplifies the fighting genre’s engaged community. While inflated prices diminish value, Passionate responses underline their investment in the fighting title.

Tekken 8 is scheduled for release on January 26th, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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