Rumour: New SAW Survival Horror Game in Development

New SAW Survival Horror Game
New SAW Survival Horror Game

Key Highlights:

  • AAA survival horror game based on the SAW franchise reportedly in development for multi-platform release in 2025.
  • Insider “The Tipster” claims game’s codename is “Project Gideon” and will feature an original story.
  • Lionsgate, owner of SAW, aims to adapt its horror IPs into games, having offered SAW license to Bloober Team before.

According to insider rumblings, a big-budget single-player survival horror game set in the chilling SAW universe could be sneaking onto our screens in a couple of years.

The Tipster, a well-known video game leak source, has let it slip on this potentially terrifying title. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, the original tweets have since been deleted which is never a good sign.

The Gruesome Game Details

Saw the video game rumours
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If the gossip does in-fact ring true, this SAW game would be a huge AAA production spanning multiple gaming platforms like the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles.

The Tipster claimed it’s being developed under the spooky codename “Project Gideon”, with a focus on solo survival horror gameplay and an original nightmare narrative.

Supposedly, the game’s creators are targeting an unveiling sometime in 2024, with a planned early-to-mid 2025 release window.

However, as with any unverified rumour, it’s wise to take this news with a pinch of salty scepticism until official confirmation emerges from the developers themselves. Especially with the fact that the tweet has since been removed.

Lionsgate’s Journey into Gaming

While concrete proof is lacking, Lionsgate’s recent actions suggest they are indeed eyeing the video game realm for some of their horror franchises.

The movie studio reportedly approached Bloober Team, the developers behind spooky titles like Layers of Fear and the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake, pitching them a choice between the SAW and Blair Witch Project properties.

Bloober ultimately opted for the latter, but acknowledged SAW’s greater popularity, stating:

“We could [have chosen] Saw, which is more popular than Blair Witch, but we decided to take Blair Witch because the universe has many opportunities to build something new.”

Furthermore, Lionsgate is also bringing their action hit John Wick to gaming, demonstrating a clear push to adapt their intellectual properties (IPs) for interactive experiences.

If this rumoured SAW game materialises, it could offer a chance at video game redemption for the franchise.

Saw 2 Flesh & Blood

Previous SAW tie-in titles, released alongside the earlier films, received lukewarm reviews for failing to capture the tension and dread of the movies effectively.

The 2009 game was accurate in terms of staying true to the films, but ultimately failed sales wise.

With AAA resources and a skilled survival horror team behind it, perhaps this alleged “Project Gideon” can finally do the horror series justice in interactive form.

Fans of the gory franchise may get to truly experience the claustrophobic terror of Jigsaw’s twisted traps and games for themselves.

Only time will tell if this exciting rumour becomes a reality that horror gamers can sink their teeth into.

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