Critically Acclaimed Crow Country Captures the Essence of PS1 Horror Games

Crow Country out now
Crow Country out now

Key Highlights:

  • Crow Country, a new survival-horror game for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, earns praise from critics.
  • It pays homage to classic PS1 horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill with blocky graphics akin to Final Fantasy 7.
  • The unique art style, nostalgic gameplay, and humorous writing create a well-received experience.
  • Currently holding an impressive 82/100 rating, it appeals to fans of 90s-era horror games.

In the ever-evolving landscape of video games, nostalgia often serves as a powerful driving force, transporting players back to cherished eras and beloved experiences.

The recently released survival-horror game, Crow Country, has managed to capture this nostalgic essence, earning widespread acclaim from critics and delighting fans of classic horror titles.

The horror title was released a couple of days ago on the 9th of May 2024. Check out the new launch trailer to get a better idea of what to expect.

A Love Letter to PS1 Survival-Horror

Developed by SFB Games, Crow Country is a love letter to the golden age of survival-horror games on the original PlayStation.

From its gameplay mechanics to its distinctive art style, the game pays homage to iconic titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, while carving out its own unique identity.

One of the most striking aspects of Crow Country is its graphics, which take cues from the blocky character models and pre-rendered environments of Final Fantasy 7.

This deliberate design choice creates a captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation, transporting players back to the PlayStation 1 era while offering a fresh and immersive experience.

Classic Survival-Horror Gameplay

Beneath its charming exterior, Crow Country delivers a genuine survival-horror experience that harkens back to the genre’s roots.

Players assume the role of Mara, who embarks on a harrowing investigation into the disappearance of the owner of the Crow Country amusement park.

As they navigate through the twisted and haunting environments, they’ll encounter malfunctioning animatronics, sentient vending machines, and other unsettling horrors.

The gameplay mechanics draw heavily from classic survival-horror titles, challenging players to carefully manage their resources, solve intricate puzzles, and engage in tense combat encounters.

Even the inventory menus look identical to the PS One Resident Evil games, see the image below.

Crow Country Inventory Menu
Even the Inventory Menu has serious RE vibes

This faithful recreation of beloved gameplay systems, combined with the game’s unique narrative and setting, has struck a chord with critics and fans alike.

A Critical Success

Crow Country’s dedication to capturing the essence of PS1-era survival-horror has paid off, with the game receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics.

Currently boasting an impressive 85/100 rating, it has been praised for its unique art style, nostalgic gameplay, and humorous writing, which adds a touch of levity to the otherwise tense and atmospheric experience.

Crow Country’s success is part of a broader resurgence of interest in classic survival-horror games.

Earlier this year, we saw the release of the Alone in The Dark Reboot, plus the Resident Evil 4 Remake was critically acclaimed last year in 2023.

For fans of the genre, 2024 has been a year of nostalgia and anticipation, with the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake and rumours of a potential Resident Evil 9 reveal adding to the excitement.

However, for those seeking an immediate fix of classic survival-horror goodness, Crow Country stands as a shining example of how to honour the past while delivering a fresh and engaging experience.

With a tiny budget behind the developers, this just goes to show that you don’t need a big cash injection if the formula is right and the demand is there.

If you want to just try Crow Country out for yourself to see what it’s all about, go here and try the playable demo for free.

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