The Xbox 360 Near to Leapfrogging The Wii in UK

It is quite hard to believe in some aspects, but the Nintendo Wii has sold more consoles in the UK than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The Wii is now in over 8 million different homes in the UK after selling that amount of the product to the UK market.

In December 2012, the Xbox 360 was literally only 200,000 units short of what Nintendo’s popular machine has achieved. In fact, in recent months the Xbox 360 sales in the UK have gone through the roof. The Nintendo DS and iconic PlayStation 2 were the top 2 sellers of all time in the UK.

As it stands in December overall on a global scale, the PS3 has sold over 70 million units which is the exact same as the Xbox 360. However, the Wii has sold just over 100 million individual units. The competition in this market is heavy, and Nintendo must be over the moon with the Wii’s progress.

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