Nintendo Confirm Cheap Games For The Wii U

Donkey Kong Wii U

If you are a massive fan of the old NES gaming console and the games that were provided with it, then you are in luck. Nintendo have decided to release various retro games onto it’s so far unsuccessful Wii U.

The gaming giant are celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary since the famous NES came to millions of living rooms all around the world. The virtual retro games will be released approximately once a month. This however, is only going to start from this month and continue up until July.

All of the games will be super cheap at the price of £o.30 yes that’s 30p or $0.30 which is superb value for money. The special offer will only last for up to 30 days so you have got to be quick on the mark.

The first game that has started off this frenzy is called Balloon Fight which was previously on the NES. Now on the Wii U for as little as £0.30 which is mere penny’s.

The full list of all the games expected to be released can be seen below and on what dates to expect them.

  1. Balloon Fight – release date (February 21st)
  2. F-Zero – release date (February 20th – March 21st)
  3. Punch out! Featuring Mr Dream – release date (March 20th – April 18th)
  4. Kirby’s Adventure – release date (April 17th – May 16th)
  5. Super Metroid – release date (May 15th – June 13th)
  6. Yoshi – release date (June 12th – July 11th)
  7. Donkey Kong -release date (July 15th – August 13th)
Donkey Kong Wii U
Donkey Kong NES

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