Beyond Two Souls Will Launch This Fall

Beyond Two Souls

Finally a release date has been set for Beyond Two Souls, the game where you play as main character Jodie Holmes who has super cool psychic abilities. Game developers Quantic Dream have announced that game will be out this fall with an October 8th North America date already in place.

A date has not yet been assigned for any other regions of the world at this moment in time. The main aim to Beyond Two Souls is correctly choosing the right course of action, in the decisions you make for in game for the title character Jodie. Jodie Holmes, portrayed by actress Ellen Page, a young woman with a unique connection to a powerful supernatural entity named Aiden. Players control Jodie and Aiden as they navigate through 15 years of Jodie’s life, experiencing various challenges, mysteries, and emotional moments.

The game offers a blend of cinematic storytelling and interactive gameplay. Players make choices that impact the narrative and guide Jodie’s actions and decisions. The game incorporates action sequences, stealth gameplay, exploration, and puzzle-solving elements, providing a diverse gameplay experience.

The title boasts a high production value, featuring not only the previously mentioned Ellen Page but also Willem Dafoe, who portrays a prominent character in the game. The involvement of renowned actors further enhances the cinematic experience.

Jodie’s fate rests in the players arms, and only you have the power to make the right decisions, at the right time.

As soon as we get word on an official release date for Europe and other continents, we’ll let you know.

Beyond Two Souls
Beyond Two Souls

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