Raven’s Cry Will Be Out On Xbox 360 & PC This October

Ravens Cry release date

Octane Games action/adventure pirate game Raven’s Cry will be out this October on the Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The date is obviously set near to the time that Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag is released and will no doubt be competition for Ubisoft’s sci-fi action game.

In Raven’s Cry, players take the role of Christopher Raven who is out to seek revenge on the party that killed his family’s life. The setting for the game is the Caribbean, so we can expect to see some stunning visual effects thrown in for good measure.

There’s a nice touch with historical 17th century events added to the game to really make it much more interesting historically. This includes things like architecture that will be completely accurate. Also, pirate holdfast like Havana, Port Royal, and an Aztec City jungle that will be on location in Spain.

The full list of features that the game has to offer can be seen below:

  • Make special combat abilities your own with cursed Voodoo Charms and the power of fear to terrorize and conquer your enemies.
  • Play to your strengths with pure tactical strategic melee combat which has an historical, pirate filled arsenal.
  • Take on various duels against some of Christopher’s darkest villains in a fight to the death match-up.
  • Complete freedom means that you choose your own path with actions taking consequences via the games storyline.
  • Play in a Caribbean infested with pirates that will take you on a fantastic adventure.

Raven’s Cry will be out on the PC and Xbox 360 on October 24th later this year.

Ravens Cry release date
Raven’s Cry Release Date

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