The Rock To Feature On The WWE 14 Front Cover

Casey Collins who’s the Executive Vice President of Consumer Products has today announced that (The Rock) will be the new face of the WWE video game series. The Wrestling legend will feature on the front cover of WWE 14, whether it’s solo or with other wrestlers is yet unknown.

There’s already a big buzz in the atmosphere at the moment with Wrestlemania 29 just around the corner this Sunday. There’s still around 7 months until the period in which the games are usually released to wait. That’s not stopped the new game developers 2K in making the announcement early.

The addition will perhaps surprise many of the fans of the franchise as The Rock is only a part timer at this moment in time. Dwayne Johnson is more interested in the movie scene as his Hollywood career is at an all time high at the moment.

2K have said that Dwayne Johnson still is a power house in the entertainment business, let alone the actual sports side of things. The Rock is still very much an iconic figure, and very much a legends of the sport. So that’s their reasoning behind the decision.

What do you make of the decision to hand The Rock the lead role of being on the front cover of the upcoming WWE 14 video game? Is it a good move, or a disappointing one?

WWE 14 Cover

WWE 14 Cover

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