Nitronic Rush Free Full Game Out Now

Nitronic Rush

Some students at DigiPen have created up an experimental survival driving game called Nitronic Rush. The racer is a little tribute to all the racing games of the 1990’s era and has a boost of game-play, audio and in-game graphics.

The aim of the game is to avoid obstacles that the city will throw your way whilst you drive through it. You’ll have to use the cars many abilities including the wings, the boost and jumping skills.

Nitronic Rush is completely free to download from the official website and the game has fantastic colours and soundtrack to go with it too. This is one driving video game that is not bad as a freebie title. You can’t really go wrong when somethings for free.

There’s constant updates to the racer too, so if you get well into it, you will be able to receive them as well. There are several circuits to and game modes to choose from too. Go check it out for yourself and download the full game for free.

Nitronic Rush
Nitronic Rush

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