New Need For Speed: Rivals Screenshot Released

EA Games have released a brand new screenshot for their upcoming racer Need For Speed: Rivals. The image showcases a racer and cop car smashing into each other in their Ferrari and Koenigsegg vehicles. The latest NFS title will welcome back the addition of the Ferrari car for the first time in seven whole years.

Need For Speed Rivals Screen

Need For Speed Rivals Screen

The racing game will use a breathtaking open road environment to capture the intense rivalry between illegal racers and the police department. Players will have the option to play as either the racers or the cops in what will be one of the video games of the year.

Racers must collect Speed-points which can be gained by evading the police numerous times. Once enough Speed-points are collected, players can then use them to upgrade various in-game items and unlock numerous new cars and equipment.

The cops must basically stop every racer and make as many arrests as possible in order to unlock additional cars, items and an increased pursuit tech. You can check out our Need For Speed: Rivals feature page to fully understand what’s to be expected when the game comes out this fall.

NFS Rivals will be out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 19th 2013 and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later on this year. Check out the brand new screenshot and let us know what you think in the comment field below.

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals

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