BioShock: Infinite Gets PSN Price Drop

BioShock Infinite PSN Price Drop

The hugely successful BioShock: Infinite has been given a discounted price-drop up until August 16th . This is a fantastic chance for gamers who’ve not yet tested out Irrational Games hugely successful shooter.

BioShock Infinite PSN Price Drop
BioShock Infinite PSN Price Drop

If you played the demo and liked what you saw, then this is a great opportunity to get it at a knock-down price. We previously brought you the news about the title being incredibly cheap at Amazon, well now Sony PlayStation Europe tweeted the news to their followers early this morning and you can see the full tweet below.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then you’re in luck, as you can acquire it for £17.99/$27, or £19.99/$31 for everyone else. You can download the game here and be playing it in minutes.

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