New WILD HEARTS Update Brings Exciting Additions Including Murakumo and Spinning Top Karakuri

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Electronic Arts and Omega Force, the developer behind Koei Tecmo, have announced the upcoming “Lethal Blossoms” update for their action role-playing game WILD HEARTS, which is set to be released on April 6th. This update will introduce a new Kemono species called Murakumo, as well as new weapons, armour, the Karakuri Spinning Top and much more.

wild hearts 1

Update Details


By using Core Orbs, hunters can give their weapons and armor an extra boost. The enhancement process and resulting effects vary for each piece of equipment.

Volatile Kemono are the primary source of Core Orbs, which are dropped after successfully hunting them down. The type of Core Orb obtained depends on the location of the hunt.

New Karakuri Spinning Top

A brand new feature! Upon activation, the Spinning Top relentlessly homes in on its target to deliver an unyielding attack. As it collides with Kemono or other barriers, its velocity and impact increase. If it has enough momentum and force upon impact, the Spinning Top has the ability to stagger Kemono.

Murakumo Added

Amidst the eerie atmosphere of swirling sakura blossoms, parents warn their children to keep their distance. Legend has it that the vulpine fiend, Murakumo, appears to anyone who ventures too close. This Kemono is a formidable opponent with its petal-manipulating attacks, which it executes while hovering on platforms of sakura blossoms. This makes counterattacking challenging. Its rage induces a powerful tornado capable of knocking out even the most seasoned hunters. The wisest approach for hunters is to utilise the Spinning Top Karakuri to face the beast head-on.

Extra improvements and fixes

The development team is tirelessly working to include a multitude of fixes, enhancements, and adjustments to the game. The upcoming content update promises to bring an even greater challenge with the introduction of a new special quest type called Serial Hunts. Hunters will need to face even more formidable opponents to successfully complete these quests. Take a look at the trailer that EA released below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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