Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Leak Hints at Bigger World and Increased Difficulty

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
Image Credit Nintendo

A leaked unfinished live-action TV advertisement for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reveals exciting details such as an expanded world size and health pool changes. Nintendo’s crackdown on leakers may be futile, as this leak proves. The long-time Japanese video game company seem to have a real task on their hands at trying to stop leakers, and it seems it’s a war they are probably not going to win.

Although Nintendo has punished some of the people responsible for the spoilers for their unauthorised revelations, the company has been facing difficulties in keeping the Breath of the Wild sequel confidential since the beginning of the year. These challenges have only grown more significant as the game’s release date draws near, as the number of potential sources for leaks has expanded beyond Nintendo’s traditionally secretive employees.

All of this madness highlights the current state of leaks, having been released online before its completion. Despite this, the unfinished ad still offers glimpses of new footage, revealing previously unknown details about the upcoming Switch exclusive. The ad suggests that Link’s maximum health pool may be increased in Tears of the Kingdom, with a boss fight displaying 17 hearts in a single row, in contrast to Breath of the Wild’s 30 hearts split into two rows of 15.

Full Video (Spoiler Alert)

You can watch the ad below in it’s entirety but please be aware that if you want to wait and not have details spoiled for you then you may want to skip and read on the choice is yours.

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In the latest video, the Flame Gleeok, a three-headed dragon seen in previous teasers, is named. This naming convention indicates that the upcoming Switch exclusive might rehash some enemies from Breath of the Wild. It’s possible that we might see stone, frost, and electric Gleeok variants in the game.

Based on the minimap, the Z coordinate in the upcoming game appears to be -478, indicating that the world will have greater depth than in BOTW. This is notable because in Nintendo’s 10-minute gameplay showcase, the highest point seen was at a Z coordinate of 1409.

The newly leaked TV ad for the game also confirms the return of Korok puzzles, as one is visible in the footage around the 9-second mark. Consumers in the UK can expect to see the final version of this ad by May this year at the very latest. The game will be out on May 12th on the Nintendo Switch.

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