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Nintendo eShop Offers Huge Discount on Inside and Limbo

Nintendo eshop special offer inside
Nintendo eshop special offer inside
(Image Credit Playdead)

The Nintendo eShop is currently offering an incredible discount on two indie titles, Inside and Limbo. Inside, a critically-acclaimed puzzle platformer, is available for only £1.99 until May 21st. Which unbelievably is a 90% discount from its original price. Limbo, the first game from developer Playdead, is also available for the same low price.

Save Money on Nintendo eShop by Using Gold Points

Gamers who have accumulated Gold Points on the Nintendo eShop can save even more money by using them to purchase Inside. Gold Points are earned by making purchases on the storefront, and those who pre-purchase the highly-anticipated title, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, will earn 350 Gold Points. You can then use some of those points to buy Inside without spending additional money.

Nintendo eShop Sale

Comparison with Tears of the Kingdom

The discount on Inside is even more impressive when compared to the price of Tears of the Kingdom. The highly-anticipated title will be released in a few days with a steep £69.99 price tag, which is a first for the Nintendo Switch. In contrast, the combined cost of Inside and Limbo is less than six percent of the full price of Tears of the Kingdom.

Inside: A Critically Acclaimed Game

Inside was released by Danish developers Playdead in 2016 and received critical acclaim for its game design and audio design. The game’s simple but engaging control style and mostly silent and monochromatic atmosphere captivated players. While its M-rating for blood and gore added to its intensity. With an impressive 91 overall critic rating according to review aggregate site OpenCritic, Inside is considered one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch.

Playdead’s Future Game Development

While Playdead has not released a new game since Inside, the developer has announced that its next release will be made in Unreal Engine 5. Fans are eagerly anticipating what kind of game will come out of this highly-regarded development studio.

Nintendo eShop’s sale on Inside and Limbo is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to purchase two critically-acclaimed titles for a fraction of the price of one highly-anticipated game. By using Gold Points, players can save even more money on the already-discounted price of Inside. While gamers eagerly await the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, they can still enjoy the impressive gameplay and atmosphere of Inside and Limbo on their Nintendo Switch.

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