Spider-Man 2: Swinging into Action Without a Demo – Insomniac Confirms

No Demo For Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5
No Demo For Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5

A Disappointing Web: No Demo for Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games has firmly put the kibosh on rumours about a pre-release demo for the eagerly awaited Spider-Man 2. A demo often offers gamers a tantalising taste of the action, a small appetiser of open-world exploration, fisticuffs or a snippet of the narrative. The game is set to grace the digital shelves come October, and even though that’s not a long wait, this news might prove to be a thorn in the side for fans itching to don the Spidey suit before the official launch.

The upcoming super-powered romp was part of the chatter during Summer Game Fest earlier in June, a chit-chat that let a couple of cats out of the bag. The all-important release date was one, and the intriguing fact that Venom’s alter ego isn’t the anticipated Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 2, was the other.

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During May’s PlayStation Showcase, enthusiasts were given a visual treat in the form of a gameplay trailer with an extensive demo playthrough featuring the brooding Black Suit-clad Peter Parker and a display of Miles Morales’ flashy new tricks. Regrettably, fans will have to twiddle their thumbs until launch day to take these powers for a whirl themselves.

Insomniac’s Firm Stance: Play Spider-Man 2 Only at Launch

A tweet brought about this confirmation. A zealous fan, going by the handle symbiote Spider-Hog, posted their pre-order receipt and tagged the developers. Following a courteous acknowledgement from Insomniac Games, the fan queried about the possibility of PlayStation releasing a playable teaser on the store. The developers responded swiftly, asserting that there are no plans to release a demo of the impending open-world game exclusively on PS5.

No Spider-Man 2 Demo

Mind you, Insomniac’s previous Spider-Man offerings didn’t have demos either upon their initial release on PlayStation consoles. Despite this precedent, word has it that PlayStation will enforce timed trials for some games, to be made accessible three months post-publication. This stirred some hope among fans for a taster this time around, but whilst a timed trial for PS Plus may still be on the cards, a full-blown demo is off the table.

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As it stands, Spider-Man 2 is shaping up to surpass its predecessors. The game will feature both Peter and Miles as playable Spider-Men, each boasting distinctive abilities. Furthermore, the narrative is set to delve into darker realms, with Peter already ensnared by the Symbiote’s insidious clutches and Miles potentially stepping up to the plate as his saviour. Given these intriguing elements, all eyes will be on Insomniac’s much-hyped sequel as its story unravels.

Spider-Man 2 swings onto the scene on October 20th, exclusively for PS5.

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