Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection – A Prehistoric Revival

Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection
Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection

Die-hard Jurassic Park enthusiasts are in for a mammoth treat as they are set to journey down memory lane with the imminent release of Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection.

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Jurassic Park: A Cultural Phenomenon of the 90s

This compendium is set to fuse two of the much-loved games from the saga, first brought to life in the golden era of the 90s. Whilst not everyone might carve these titles on their ’90s retro gaming hall of fame’, these video games have definitely imprinted themselves on the hearts of those who had the privilege of button-bashing their way through them in their formative years.

Helmed by the maestro, Steven Spielberg, the inaugural Jurassic Park film secured its status as a seminal 90s cultural phenomenon, and for many, still holds the accolade as the crown jewel of the franchise. This cinematic titan not only wowed audiences worldwide but also advanced film technology with its cutting-edge use of CGI.

As Jurassic Park approaches its 30th lap around the sun, gaming enthusiasts will get the opportunity to revel in nostalgia by immersing themselves in some of the earliest games inspired by the behemoth franchise, all reworked for contemporary gaming platforms.

Recently, gamers have only had the Facebook game entitled Jurassic World: The game to play. Not exactly what fans of the franchise were looking for, console versions will always be preferred over browser based titles.

Limited Run Games Announces the Jurassic Park Collection

Limited Run Games has just blown the whistle on the Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection, which will breathe new life into Jurassic Park (NES, Game Boy, and SNES) and Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues (Game Boy and SNES), ready to rumble on today’s gaming platforms.

The first of these two games comfortably nestles itself among the upper echelons of the Jurassic Park gaming canon. Both releases come supercharged with a host of fresh features, including save states, in-game maps, and other gaming enhancements designed to ensure both seasoned gamers and greenhorns can savour every pixel of these refurbished classics.

Physical iterations of the Jurassic Park medley will swing their doors open for pre-orders from September 1st to October 15th. The Standard Edition will have a price tag of $29.99, while the Classic Edition, boasting a steelbook and packaging reminiscent of the film’s original VHS, will retail at $64.99.

Prehistoric Edition: An Ultimate Collectable

Devotees of the franchise may also be enticed by the Prehistoric Edition. Priced at $174.99, it bundles the treasures of the Classic Edition with a few choice extras, including a replica of Dr. Alan Grant’s game ID card, a physical CD boasting the game soundtrack, and miniature versions of the cartridges from the original games.

This resurrection of these classics coincides rather neatly with both the 30th anniversary of the franchise and the release of Jurassic World Dominion, which concluded the recent film trilogy. The latter received a potpourri of reviews, wrapping up a trilogy that perhaps didn’t quite hit the high notes of its predecessor. Thus, it’s an opportune moment for fans to dust off their nostalgia goggles and reacquaint themselves with these iconic games, drawn from the canvas of the original duo of movies.

Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection will be charging into the wild later this year, primed for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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