Batman Arkham Trilogy Swooping Onto Switch This October

Batman Arkham Trilogy Fall 2023 Nintendo Switch
Batman Arkham Trilogy Fall 2023 Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners, the wait is nearly over. After years of anticipation, Rocksteady’s genre-defining Batman Arkham trilogy is at last making its way to the hybrid handheld, with a release date now confirmed for October 13th.

Few franchises have left such an indelible mark on gaming this century as Rocksteady’s stunning Batman Arkham series. Debuting with Arkham Asylum in 2009, the studio pioneered a fluid, combo-driven combat system and groudbreaking stealth gameplay that set new standards for superhero action.

Arkham City built on that foundation in 2011, expanding the scope into a fully open world. And 2015’s Arkham Knight wrapped the epic saga in bombastic fashion.

Complete Batman Experience Includes All DLC and Bonus Content

Across three console generations, the Arkham trilogy has been hailed as one of the greatest examples of superhero storytelling across any medium. So the prospect of having these classics fully portable and on-the-go has been highly sought after by Nintendo diehards. Their wait is nearly over.

As announced via Rocksteady’s Twitter, the Batman Arkham Trilogy launches on Nintendo Switch this October 13th, compiling Asylum, City, and Knight into one definitive package. Even more exciting, the collection will include all DLC and bonus content that has released for the games over the years.

Batman Arkham Trilogy Release Date

That means Asylum’s playable Joker maps and challenge packs, City’s iconic extra story campaigns starring Catwoman and Robin, and Knight’s wealth of narrative expansions featuring Batgirl, Scarecrow, and more infamous villains. Plus dozens of alternate skins and challenge maps across the trilogy for good measure. It’s a staggering amount of content and value for £42.99/$59.99.

While Rocksteady itself has moved on to the highly anticipated Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, turning over Switch port duties to veteran studio Turn Me Up, the Arkham Trilogy still stands as the London developer’s crowning achievement. The ripples of its revolutionary combat and stealth systems continue to be felt in action games and superhero projects alike to this day.

Batman Arkham Collection Nintendo Switch

It seems crazy that Asylum first released over 13 years ago now. Few franchises can ever hope to leave such a lasting impact decade after decade. This Switch compilation opens the door for a new generation to experience Rocksteady’s masterful vision. And it offers longtime Batman fans the chance to revisit Gotham on the go like never before.

When October 13th arrives, there will surely be plenty of gamers ready to dive back into the shadows as the Dark Knight once again. Until then, the countdown is on. Rocksteady’s genre-defining trilogy is preparing to spread its wings and swoop onto Nintendo Switch in its most definitive form yet.

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