Twitch Adds Mod Tools to Share Ban Details and Integrate Shield Mode

Twitch Shield Mode
Twitch Shield Mode

Streaming giants Twitch has introduced two new moderation tools designed to enhance safety for streamers’ communities. The features allow sharing banned user comments with trusted channels and integrating the platform’s existing Shield Mode into the Mod View interface moderators use. Twitch developed the additions based on user feedback and made them available for moderators to utilise.

The updates mark the latest in a series of ongoing moderation capability expansions by Twitch. The platform’s policies and functions look much different compared to its launch in 2011. This year alone brought multiple feature rollouts like the short-lived Community Moments beta test. Moderators have also gained new options recently, including increased restrictions for blocked users.

Integrating Shield Mode Centralises Key Moderator Tools

Bans help address disruptive behaviour in streams chats and preserve positive community. The ability to share ban details with select partner channels provides useful context on reasons for bans. Streamers gain insights from collaborating moderators’ notes on banned individuals.

The other change incorporates Shield Mode directly into the common Mod View mode. Shield Mode enables presetting customised safety parameters that can quickly activate to halt hate speech spam and automatically ban offenders. Integration with Mod View centralises key tools to simplify moderation. Twitch initially introduced Shield Mode last year based on requests for quickly stopping harassment.

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Reactions are mixed on the banned comment sharing. Some see potential to improve moderation through better ban detail exchange. But others worry about possible misuse enabling undeserved bans from misunderstandings or false rumours. Some hope for additional transparency like sharing banned users’ chat logs.

The streaming giants recently unveiled their latest venture last month called stories which is basically competition to Snapchat’s most successful feature.

As Twitch gathers ongoing feedback, further evolution of the tools is likely. For now, the updates provide more flexibility for moderators to customise management of their communities. Twitch remains committed to enhancing safety amid a shifting landscape.

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