Need for Speed Fans Devastated as EA Unleashes Game-Changing Move

Need for Speed Series In-Doubt
Need for Speed Series In-Doubt

Electronic Arts is demonstrating full commitment towards revitalising the Battlefield first-person shooter series by realigning internal resources. Specifically, EA has transitioned the majority of Need for Speed developer Criterion Games from working under its sports division to joining the EA Entertainment unit focused on Battlefield. While a small group remains on Need for Speed, most of Criterion will now collaborate with DICE, Ripple Effect and Ridgeline on upcoming Battlefield titles.

This reshuffling makes strategic sense considering Criterion’s extensive background developing vehicles and other features across previous Battlefield games over the years. Their specialised expertise and familiarity with the franchise technology and style of engaging gameplay make them an ideal fit to bolster Battlefield at this critical juncture.

The news will deal a huge blow to the loyal NFS community, especially after the recent story we covered here on the site about a month ago where EA seemed to tease a new Need For Speed title. The reality of that seems far off now with this revelation, and even if a new game in the driving series is in the works it’s probably a long way off completion.

Studio to Support Battlefield 2042 and Connected Universe Going Forward

According to Vince Zampella, who oversees Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Battlefield and Need for Speed franchises, Criterion’s contributions will have tremendous positive impact on Battlefield 2042 and a connected Battlefield universe moving forward. Their skills will be invaluable Zampella wrote in a memo.

Need for Speed Franchise News

Of course, Battlefield 2042 had a disappointing launch plagued with technical issues that took significant time post-release to address. This rocky reception signaled EA needed to reassess how to get the once great franchise back on track. Subsequently, EA entrusted oversight of Battlefield to Zampella, an industry veteran known for standout first-person shooters like Titanfall and Medal of Honor.

With stalwart franchises like FIFA, Madden, Apex Legends and The Sims anchoring its portfolio, EA remains determined to identify another crown jewel property boasting enduring popularity. A restored Battlefield presents the prime opportunity to fulfill those ambitions.

Still, competing with the likes of Call of Duty poses monumental challenges requiring flawless execution and strategic vision. However, by marshaling talent like Criterion and proven leaders like Zampella, EA is demonstrating the level of commitment necessary to give Battlefield the best possible shot at redemption. While uncertainty remains, EA’s decisive manoeuvres suggest a clearer path forward.

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