Shroud Drops Bombshell Verdict That Counter-Strike 2 is Now Easier Than Valorant

Shroud claims Valorant is the number one FPS
Shroud claims Valorant is the number one FPS

According to popular streamer Shroud, the competitive first-person shooter Valorant currently reigns as the number one title in the genre, surpassing even the highly anticipated upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2. The former professional CS:GO player asserts that CS2 is now actually an easier FPS compared to the challenge posed by Valorant.

Shroud built his reputation competing professionally in CS:GO for 5 years before retiring to focus on streaming and YouTube content creation full-time. However, in 2022 he briefly came out of retirement to play competitively on the Sentinels Valorant squad prior to returning once again to being a full-time influencer.

With extensive backgrounds in both titles, Shroud has frequently drawn comparisons between CS:GO’s successor CS2 and Valorant. In the past, he commented that Valorant represented a much easier experience compared to Counter-Strike. But he now claims that assessment no longer holds true.

During a recent Twitch stream, Shroud repeatedly stated his view that Valorant has evolved into the premier first-person shooter game on the market while CS2 has become the more approachable option. He doubled down on his position that CS2 is “100%” easier than Valorant right now.

Shroud even jokingly asserted that legendary CS:GO pro s1mple could not compete at the top level if he transitioned to playing Valorant full time. While an exaggeration, this remark underscored Shroud’s belief in the game’s heightened skill ceiling.

Both Titles Offer Appeal for Casual and Competitive Players

Of course, ever since the arrival of the Counter-Strike inspired Valorant, the two titles have been locked in intense competition for dominance of the tactical shooter genre. Comparisons have only intensified with CS2 beta testing fueling anticipation of its impending launch.

In fact, s1mple himself recently critiqued CS2 for incorporating elements that seem more reminiscent of Riot Games FPS than Counter-Strike. From Shroud’s bold assessments to s1mple’s criticism, it’s clear Valorant and CS2’s ongoing rivalry continues heating up as the latter’s release draws near.

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While Shroud and s1mple’s opinions stir debate, for average players, both FPS’s promise to deliver satisfying hardcore shooter experiences. The two juggernauts look set to push each other in positive ways for years to come.

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