AEW Fight Forever Adds Hilarious Danhausen Easter Egg

AEW Fight Forever Wrestling Match
AEW Fight Forever Wrestling Match

The upcoming wrestling video game AEW Fight Forever has introduced a humorous Easter egg involving popular wrestler Danhausen ahead of the release of new “HOOKHausen: Very Handsome, Very Evil” DLC. The eccentric character is known for cursing opponents in exaggerated fashion, a behaviour replicated in the game.

AEW Fight Forever is the first console and PC wrestling game from All Elite Wrestling since the company’s launch in 2019. Developed by veteran studio Yuke’s, it pays homage to classic Nintendo 64 titles like WWF No Mercy while bringing modern features like online play.

Post-release DLC expands the roster with fan favourites like FTR, The Bunny, and Keith Lee so far. Additional content like the Danhausen egg keeps things fresh.

Easter Egg Sees Danhausen Emerge from Under Ring to Curse Player

The Easter egg was discovered by a player named Bo-Moxley420 during a ladder match. When retrieving a weapon from under the ring, Danhausen appeared instead. He then performed his signature taunt and applied his “curse” to temporarily hinder the player’s momentum gain.

Fans on Reddit appreciated this clever inclusion of Danhausen’s antics. Some suggested expanded curse effects like inverted controls or disabled counters. Overall, the community feels surprises like this encourage ongoing engagement.

The Easter egg coincides with the superstar becoming a playable wrestler alongside HOOK in the upcoming HOOKHausen DLC on September 28th. The duo will terrorise opponents with handsomeness and evil. The community has been enjoying the recently added Stadium Stampede mode that was released in late August.

Danhausen’s absurd persona is a highlight of AEW’s programming. His inclusion adds entertainment value beyond traditional wrestling action. Players need not purchase the DLC to experience the Easter egg either, extending the fun to all.

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AEW Fight Forever continues expanding its star-studded roster post-launch while keeping gameplay fresh with new modes, moves and inventive concepts like Danhausen’s in-game cursing. This creative long-term support bodes well for the title’s lasting popularity among wrestling fans.

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