Nintendo Preview Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges System

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges System Breakdown
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges System Breakdown

With the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder approaching next month, Nintendo has provided another preview of the game’s new badge collectible system via social media.

As explained during the recent Nintendo Direct, badges can be discovered in levels and grant characters special abilities, for better or worse.

In the latest preview, Nintendo displayed the invisibility badge in action. As expected, equipping this badge makes Mario vanish from sight, preventing enemies from detecting him. However, the downside is that players also cannot see Mario on the screen while the invisibility effect is active. This could potentially make tricky platforming sections more difficult.

Badges Provide Unique Effects and Changes

The badges are divided into categories like “action” and “boost” badges. Only one badge can be taken into a course at a time too. Other shown badges include the parachute cap for slow descents, a floating high jump, and a coin badge that increases payouts from coins.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Parachute Cap

There are a variety of methods to obtain them as well. Many can be found by completing special badge challenge levels. Players can also spend collected flower coins at the Poplin Shop on the world map to purchase new badges.

With the preview of the unpredictable invisibility badge, Nintendo demonstrates how the badge system provides inventive gameplay modifiers. The powers can benefit players in fun ways, but likely won’t guarantee easy victories. Choosing which ones to equip will require careful consideration. We already showcased 40 minutes of gameplay on the site earlier this month.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Wall-Climb Jump Badge

As badges alter your character’s abilities in small but meaningful ways, they should add substantial replay value. You can use them with all playable character like Princess Daisy, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi and Wario. Players can revisit completed courses with different ones equipped for fresh experiences. The system appears poised to capture the experimental spirit of past Mario power-up innovations.

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Fans will be able to experience the creative new features firsthand when the title arrives on this fall. Until then, these previews build intrigue and anticipation around how collecting badges will influence the upcoming adventure. Nintendo is smart to showcase this unique concept that figures to be a core part of Wonder’s appeal.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrives on October the 20th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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