Counter-Strike 2 Drops Mac Support

Valve Ends CS2 Support for Mac Users
Valve Ends CS2 Support for Mac Users

Valve’s iconic FPS franchise has undergone a significant evolution with the launch of Counter-Strike 2, replacing the beloved CS: Global Offensive. However, this major update has created challenges for some players. Valve recently announced the difficult decision to discontinue support for Counter-Strike 2 on Mac, citing incompatibility issues.

The first-person shooter boasts an immense following across platforms, with CS:GO being Valve’s highest rated game on Steam. Therefore, Valve’s update to to the latest installment has prompted confusion and demand for explanations among portions of the player-base. Specifically, the update rendered the game unplayable for Mac users, who relied on that platform for CS:GO.

In a statement, Valve explained that discontinuing support for older platforms, including Mac, DirectX 9, and 32-bit operating systems, aligns with their goal of ensuring compatibility with modern technology and their commitment to keep developing Counter-Strike long-term. These outdated platforms accounted for less than 1% of active CS:GO players.

Solutions Offered for Affected Players

Counter-Strike 2 Weapons Menu

The devs have offered solutions for affected users. Mac players with significant CS:GO playtime between the announcement of the sequel Limited Test and official launch can request a Prime Status Upgrade refund by December 1st, 2023, subject to certain conditions. DirectX 9 and 32-bit Windows players are also eligible for refunds on purchases made during that time-frame.

Additionally, Valve is providing a legacy CS:GO version for those unable to run Counter-Strike 2. However, support for this legacy version will end on January 1, 2024, potentially impacting functionality. After this date, the legacy version will remain accessible but with no support, presenting an uncertain future for some Counter-Strike players.

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While controversial, the developers maintains their decision aligns with staying current and enabling the FPS’s continued evolution. They have aimed to address player concerns regarding the update. Despite issues for some users, CS 2 has strongly debuted with over 1 million players in it’s first 24 hours, showcasing ongoing enthusiasm for this iconic franchise.

Counter Strike 2 Is out now on Windows PC via Steam.

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