New Super Mario Bros. Wonder Ad Shows Bowser Still Loves Elephant Peach

Super Mario Bros Wonder Peach and Bowser

Nintendo Ramps Up Super Mario Bros. Wonder Marketing with Amusing New Ad Depicting Bowser’s Reaction to Peach’s Elephant Transformation.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Peach and Bowser

With the highly anticipated Switch title Super Mario Bros. Wonder launching on October 20th, 2023, Nintendo is aggressively promoting the game with advertising across media. The latest amusing ad highlights one of the title’s new features – the Elephant Fruit power-up – while showcasing villain Bowser’s enduring affection for Princess Peach despite her transformation.

The advertisement was initially uploaded to YouTube but then the official Nintendo UK X account tweeted out the video which can be viewed below:

The ad begins typically, with Bowser pursuing Peach, his perpetual object of obsession, with a simple flower. However, Peach inadvertently absorbs a tumbling Elephant Fruit, triggering her metamorphosis into Elephant Peach, complete with elephantine trunk and proportions. Initially shocked, Bowser ultimately responds by presenting Peach with an entire floral bouquet, demonstrating his indefatigable devotion.

The ad humorously exhibits the new Elephant ability in the game, allowing characters like Peach to charge through blocks and swing their trunks at foes. Transformations have been a staple of Mario titles for decades, but the Elephant Fruit offers a new creative spin. Unsurprisingly, Elephant Peach has already spawned memes among fans ahead of launch.

Beyond highlighting this single power-up, the ad reflects the constant undercurrent of Bowser’s fixation on Peach throughout the enduring franchise. Despite routinely kidnapping Peach, Bowser remains determined to win her affections. This ad suggests even Peach’s unconventional elephant form will not deter Bowser’s efforts in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Nintendo Promotes Game Aggressively Ahead of Launch

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Princess Peach Gameplay

The latest installment represents a hotly anticipated 2D local co-op platforming return for the iconic series on Nintendo Switch. Slated to feature iconic characters like Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, the two previously mentioned and Princess Daisy.

We recently showcased over 40 minutes of gameplay here on the site, so if you’re itching for some insight before the official release then you should go check that out.

With the launch imminent, Nintendo is blanketing media with promotions like this lighthearted ad. Pre-orders already top Amazon charts, with fans scrambling for retailer exclusives and playable demos are available in stores, underscoring the communities excitement. Fresh details emerged recently on the badges system, in particular the invisibility perk.

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Nintendo clearly hopes ads showcasing the new powers will bolster hype for the game in the critical run-up to release.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrives on October the 20th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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