Villain King Boo Confirmed for Super Mario Bros. Wonder

King Boo Super Mario Bros. Wonder
King Boo Super Mario Bros. Wonder

A new preview confirms the iconic Mario villain King Boo will return in the upcoming 2D platformer Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The reveal came via a commercial on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel.

King Boo’s appearance has been eagerly anticipated by fans since the 2D game was announced. The October release has steadily unveiled info like the game-changing badge system, new power-ups, and unique gameplay hooks. Fans were especially excited about the playable character roster.

Notable additions like Daisy and Princess Peach have already been shown. Each character except Yoshi and Nabbit handles identically, with those two offering beginner-friendly mechanics. But the return of the ghostly boss King Boo in a mainline 2D Mario game is extra thrilling.

The commercial features several elements displayed before, like badges and the Wonder Flower power-up. But King Boo chasing the players through what appears to be a Ghost House level immediately stands out. Ghost Houses are common Mario World and New Super Mario Bros levels where players must solve puzzles and escape. Based on their singing, the Boos seem to be in a musical mood this time.

Inclusion of King Boo Excited Fans

King Boo to Haunt Again in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

King Boo originally debuted in the first Luigi’s Mansion on GameCube, albeit with a different design than modern fans know. His current look was finalised in Mario Kart: Double Dash. While appearing in spin-offs like Kart and Mario Party, King Boo is best known as the recurring villain of the Luigi’s Mansion series which ironically is having a remaster of the 2nd game due summer 2024.

After years of spin-off appearances, Super Mario Bros. Wonder marks King Boo’s premiere in a mainline 2D Mario as one of the main enemies/villains. Fans are thrilled to see him ascend alongside Daisy into a flagship platformer role. Having him reprise the Boo chase concept from past Ghost Houses is clever fanservice.

For diehard fans of the franchise, the inclusion of classic characters like King Boo demonstrates Nintendo’s commitment to celebrating the franchise’s rich history in exciting new ways. Wonder balances the introduction of new power-ups with loving tributes to the iconic gaming series roots.

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When the title arrives on this fall, longtime devotees will be eager to face the familiar spectral monarch within the mysterious Ghost Houses. Nintendo has crafted a 2D co-op Mario entry perfect for first-time newcomers while rewarding veterans through smart fanservice.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrives on October the 20th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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