Super Mario Bros. Wonder Has Fans Scrambling for Retailer Exclusives

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Retailer Exclusives
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Retailer Exclusives

Excitement is building for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the first new 2D Mario platformer in over 10 years, coming this fall exclusively to Nintendo Switch. With the game’s launch approaching, retailers worldwide are offering fans special bonuses and collectables to celebrate Mario’s return to his side-scrolling roots.

Announced during a June Nintendo Direct, Wonder came as a pleasant surprise for gamers. We even showcased over 40 minutes of raw gameplay footage right here on the official GLN website. The Mushroom Kingdom has been a nostalgic second home for close to 40 years. Fans can now bring more of Mario’s world home with retailer exclusives.

Limited Shadowbox Free With In-Store Purchase at Target

American chain Target is providing a limited edition Super Mario Bros. Wonder shadowbox free when you buy the $59.99 game in-store. However, supplies are limited with no rainchecks, so fans must purchase in person before it sells out to get the collectable. Shadowboxes showcase 2D-3D artwork in eye-catching displays. Target’s features the horizontal cover art.

Other pre-order deals have also drawn positive feedback. GameStop offers exclusive stickers and Walmart has trading cards. With Target revealing another limited item, fans in the United States have ample choices when securing their copy.

Wonder will be the first major 2D Mario platformer since 2012’s New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U. It’s no surprise Nintendo is promoting this influential series with exclusives. Fans have cherished the iconic characters and worlds for decades. With bonuses everywhere, excitement for Mario’s 2D return is palpable.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Mushroom Screen

The Mushroom Kingdom is a nostalgic second home for multiple generations. Fans can’t wait to bring more of Mario’s world home through retailer exclusives. Target offers a limited shadowbox displaying the cover art when you buy in-store. Other deals feature stickers and cards.

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After over a decade without a new side-scrolling adventure, Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the gaming icon’s 2D comeback. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of the legendary series. With the launch approaching, retailers are giving fans more ways to enjoy the iconic characters and worlds they’ve loved for nearly 40 years.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 20th 2023.

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