Horizon The Burning Shores Nominated in Music and Sound Awards

Horizon The Burning Shores Nominated in Music and Sound Awards
Horizon The Burning Shores Nominated in Music and Sound Awards

Exciting news for Aloy fans – The Burning Shores is now a finalist for a top music award.

The developer, Guerrilla Games, announced that Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Shores DLC is now on the final list of the upcoming Music+Sound Awards 2023. This reflects the incredible performance of the music team on the franchise.

According to guerrillagames post, the magnificent expansion released on April 19, 2023, has been shortlisted in two categories:

  • Best Sound Design in a Video Game
  • Best Original Composition in Video Game (Gameplay)

Dynamic Tracks for Key Moments and Environments

This achievement shows just how impressive the music work in the Horizon series has been, like the main titles, Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, that left a delightful impact on fans. The diverse mix of songs that play during key moments in the game, for instance when entering a new tribe or having a strenuous battle with an intimidating machine, demonstrates the dynamic soundtracks each designed for a unique objective.

Fans are thrilled to see The Burning Shores get recognition for its audio achievements. Hopefully, this nomination leads to a big award win for the game. But regardless of the outcome, fans applaud Guerrilla’s skill in using music to make the world, characters, and adventures even more engaging and memorable.

This adventure promises to immerse Horizon lovers in an incredibly beautiful and simultaneously dangerous world in the west. Players will journey through the ruins of America to uncover the secrets.

The Burning Shores DLC is an expansion of Forbidden West, available upon reaching the finish line of the main story. It lets Aloy explore the flooded, vine-covered city streets and buildings of Los Angeles to pursue a villain named Londra who deceives people into joining his off-world colony. The vibrant yet deadly tropical islands off the coast also provide mysteries and challenges for Aloy to conquer with her abilities.

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Horizon Forbidden West The Burning Shores is only accessible on PS5.

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