Streamer Nickmercs Signs with Rival Platform Kick in $10 Million Deal

Nickmercs Leaves Twitch for Rival Kick in Estimated $10 Million Deal

Streaming Upstart Kick Signs Influential Twitch Star Nickmercs to Lucrative Deal.

Nickmercs Leaves Twitch for Rival Kick in Estimated $10 Million Deal

In a major talent acquisition, surging live streaming platform Kick has signed prominent Twitch streamer and competitive gamer Nickmercs to an estimated $10 million one-year contract. The non-exclusive deal allows him to still stream on Twitch but boost Kick’s ambitions of challenging Twitch’s dominance.

Kick launched in 2022 with lofty aspirations of toppling category leader Twitch by luring top creators with extravagant contracts and more streamer-friendly revenue shares. Though still dwarfed by Twitch in users, Kick has managed to grab headlines by acquiring influential streamers.

Most recently, Kick secured Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff, co-owner of top gaming org FaZe Clan and one of Twitch’s most-watched channels with over 6 million followers. His massive cross-platform following provides Kick with increased visibility. The streamer shared the news on social media site X to all of his followers in a tweet that can be viewed below:

The popular content creator had streamed solely on Twitch for over a decade, becoming one of the faces of the platform. But with Kick offering more advantageous terms plus the ability to still use Twitch, the move made strategic sense to expand his reach.

For Kick, signing a personality of Nickmercs stature signals their aggressive pursuit of talent isn’t slowing down. Prior deals with streamers like xQc and Amouranth have already shaken up the industry.

Platform Offers More Favorable Revenue Share Than Twitch

Nickmercs Signs 10M Deal With Kick

Backed by the founders’ lucrative crypto casino success, Kick can afford lofty contracts to lure streamers. While the platform’s viewership can’t yet compete with Twitch, the deals entice influencers to test its features and community.

Nickmercs cited his motivation as expanding his fanbase and fostering events and content. Kick facilitates that vision through funding and resources. Having an established pillar like the well-known personality provides the company with increased stability.

Despite rivals’ efforts, Twitch appears undaunted, asserting their priority remains creators rather than competing financially. But losing prominent partners could pressure Twitch to reassess their streamer relationships.

For streamers, Kick’s arrival has encouraged negotiation and contract leverage. With options and bidding wars increasing, creators now have greater control over their worth.

Of course, as the new streaming service grows, charging brands and running ads could become inevitable. But for now, its model empowers streamers to monetise on their terms rather than adhere to restrictive platform demands.

Kick hopes stars like Nickmercs will attract their loyal communities to its platform, accelerating growth. Despite its minor current reach, this accumulating talent could position the new streaming service as a true competitor over time.

Signing a few notable streamers won’t immediately threaten Twitch’s dominance. But if Kick sustains its relentless recruitment, it could change streaming’s balance of power. The popular content creators adds another prominent voice to Kick’s expanding influencer ecosystem.

While viewing figures will ultimately determine Kick’s fate, its brazen approach shows investment in top creators can disrupt even mighty incumbents. As Kick aims to define gaming livestreaming’s future, Nickmercs provides a bankable building block toward making that vision a reality.

Source – Forbes

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