PUBG Mobile’s Rare Crystal Bandit Crate Returns

PUBG Mobile Crystal Bandit Lucky Crate

PUBG Mobile Brings Back Rare Crystal Bandit Lucky Crate with Exclusive Skins and Outfits.

PUBG Mobile Crystal Bandit Lucky Crate

PUBG Mobile has rotated back into availability the hard-to-find Crystal Bandit Lucky Crate for a limited time. This crate contains various rare and mythic cosmetic items like weapon skins and unique outfits available exclusively through the lucky draw system.

Lucky Crates represent one of PUBG Mobile’s monetisation methods, offering players chances to obtain premium cosmetics by exchanging Unknown Cash (UC) for random item drops. Reintroducing past crates for short stints provides another opportunity to acquire coveted cosmetics.

The Crystal Bandit Lucky Crate originally debuted in early 2023 before being removed from circulation. Many players missed out on its rare contents initially. Now PUBG Mobile has made the crate temporarily available once again due to popular demand from the community.

Key Contents:

  • Legendary Crystal Bandit and Monkey Business outfit sets
  • Legendary Ragnarok Kar98k and AKM weapon skins
  • Guaranteed Mythic rewards after consecutive failed draws
  • Upgrade materials for levelling skins
  • Available for limited time via UC lucky draws

However, this revival will only last for a limited period before the Crystal Bandit Crate is again vaulted. Considering the fleeting availability, interested players should obtain its items quickly before it disappears, quite possibly for the final time.

The Crystal Bandit Lucky Crate contains two primary tiers of prestigious cosmetics – Mythic and Legendary. Mythic items appear in red and are easier to obtain from the random draw. The true prizes are the even rarer Legendary pieces highlighted in violet.

Specifically, the contents includes sought-after Legendary weapon skins for the Kar98k sniper rifle and AKM assault rifle. Outfit-wise, it contains the complete Crystal Bandit and Monkey Business sets. Materials for upgrades are also available.

Guaranteed Periodic Rewards

As with previous crates, each individual draw costs UC, with better odds if purchasing bulk 10x draws. Guaranteed Mythic rewards activate after certain consecutive failed draws to ensure players eventually get rare items.

Obtaining these most prestigious Legendary pieces will rely partly on perseverance through those initial failed rolls. But the guaranteed periodic rewards provide highly motivating consolation.

For PUBG Mobile’s cosmetic collectors and completionists, re-releases of elusive past crates are thrilling opportunities. This offers another shot at acquisition Glory before it returns to the vault.

While the random chance nature of lucky draws can prove frustrating, the crate’s short lifespan urges action for devotees of PUBG Mobile fashion. Building a visually unique character is core to the experience.

PUBG Mobile Care to dance Sniper Shot

This fleeting window to obtain previously unavailable cosmetics caters to the loyalists who appreciate attention to style and flexing rare looks. Casual players may pass on the crate hassle, but completionists have cause for excitement.

Of course, lucky draws are not without controversy in franchises like PUBG Mobile due to randomised monetisation. Ensuring ethical practices around odds disclosures remains paramount.

But for those comfortable participating, the time-limited Crystal Bandit Crate offers a bonus opportunity to dress your character to the nines with weapon skins and outfits no longer widely circulating. Soon that exclusive gear will only be seen on veterans.

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So for the battle royale fashionistas, now is the moment to pursue elusive Legendary drip. Whether through lucky rolls or brute force UC swiping, the Crystal Bandit set won’t stay in sight for long.

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play.

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