Twitch Decides to Pull the Plug on Nintendo Switch App

Twitch is shutting down its Nintendo Switch app
Twitch is shutting down its Nintendo Switch app

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitch is shutting down its Nintendo Switch app and removing it from the eShop on November 6
  • The app will cease functioning entirely on January 31st, 2024, cutting off Switch users’ access
  • Twitch provided no explanation for sunsetting the Switch app amid competition from YouTube and Kick
  • Twitch recently updated its appeals process, allowing some banned streamers to request reinstatement
  • Perma-banned streamers can’t appeal if banned for threats, violence or other severe violations

Twitch Pulling the Plug on Nintendo Switch App

Twitch has confirmed it will officially end support for its streaming app on the Nintendo Switch at the end of January 2024. The company will first delist the app from the Nintendo eShop on November 6, 2023 before fully shutting down service on January 31st.

The news removes Switch users’ access to Twitch’s live streaming platform and content. Twitch did not provide an explanation for discontinuing support for the Switch app, which first launched in late 2021.

Once the shutdown takes effect, the Switch will join the PlayStation Vita and other platforms that have lost access to the streaming platform over the years. The streaming giant has consistently maintained apps on major consoles otherwise, including PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Some see the move as Twitch streamlining its resources amid mounting competition in livestreaming. YouTube has heavily boosted its presence with exclusive deals for popular ex- creators. Meanwhile, the Kick platform has also drawn several former top Twitch talents.

Twitch Faces Growing Threats in Streaming Industry

Twitch closing down Nintendo Switch app

The discontinuation of the Switch app comes as the platform faces its biggest threats yet from competitors like YouTube and the newer Kick service.

YouTube has invested heavily in livestreaming, luring exclusively popular ex-Twitch streamers like Ninja. Kick has also taken a bite out of the video live streaming service market share, with large creators like Nickmercs and xQc migrating there.

X formerly Twitter also looms following its acquisition by Elon Musk, with plans to add livestreaming of gaming content. Between the wider range of options and departures of top creators, the broadcaster finds itself in its most vulnerable position yet.

Some speculate that dropping the limited Switch app could allow the online gaming platform to consolidate resources and focus on its core audience rather than supporting niche platforms. However, Twitch risks surrendering more ground to competitors if it doesn’t stem the tide of top talent losses.

Banned Streamers Now Have Path to Twitch Reinstatement

In a separate update, Twitch has revised its appeals process to provide a mechanism for indefinitely banned streamers to request reinstatement after six months. The change provides hope to creators permanently exiled from the video streaming platform.

Streamers banned for severe violations involving threats, violence and illegal activities cannot appeal their suspension. But those banned for other infractions can submit a reinstatement request for the company to evaluate.

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The update shows the online broadcasting giant willing to walk back some of its past permanent ban decisions amid its increased competitive environment. In fact, popular streamer iShowSpeed was unbanned from the online broadcaster earlier in October nearly two years after his removal.

A clearer appeals process gives Twitch leverage to potentially lure back creators that migrated to other platforms following a ban. However, the company will need to carefully weigh reinstatement requests to avoid appearing weak on enforcement.

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