Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder Break Records

Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder Break Records
Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder Break Records

Key Highlights:

  • Pikmin 4 becomes best-selling entry in franchise at 2.5 million copies
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder sets record as fastest selling Mario game ever
  • Both released in 2023 for Nintendo Switch to critical acclaim
  • Japan gets exclusive double pack bundling both titles together
  • Indicates Pikmin 4’s popularity there; potential for wider release remains

Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder Smash Nintendo Sales Records

Two of Nintendo’s major Switch releases this year, Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder, have proven to be smash hits by setting new sales milestones for their respective franchises.

According to figures reported by Nintendo, Pikmin 4 has sold an impressive 2.5 million copies globally since its July launch. This makes it the highest selling game yet in the real-time strategy series.

Meanwhile, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has set a record of its own, becoming the fastest selling Super Mario game ever by reaching 4.3 million units sold within just two weeks after its October release. Two weeks ago we reported on the fact that the title has been smashing it in terms of sales in both Japan and Europe.

Critical Acclaim Translates to Strong Sales

Pikmin 4 on The Nintendo Switch

The success comes on the back of widespread critical acclaim for both titles, which landed on the Switch in a year that has seen fantastic reviews for Nintendo exclusives.

The latest Legend of Zelda and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also racked up millions in sales following rave reviews. With the holiday season approaching, sales of Wonder and Pikmin 4 should receive a further boost.

While not yet at the level of Mario Kart 8 or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the two games could potentially break into the Switch’s top 10 best-sellers with time. Their strong performances help cap off a stellar 2023 first party lineup for Nintendo as the console likely enters its final year.

Japan-Exclusive Double Pack Bundle

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Elephant Power-up ability

In Japan, fans can purchase a special double pack including both Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This limited edition bundle comes with original stickers and unique box art.

Retailing for under $84 in Japan, it represents a great value way to obtain two of the Switch’s best 2023 titles.

The dual release appears tailored to Japan, where the real-time strategy title has seen huge success in particular. But there’s hope a worldwide release could happen down the line.

Either way, the stellar reception to both games proves Nintendo still delivers when blending innovation with classic franchises.

With the Switch successor potentially on the horizon, the runaway successes of Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder validate both franchises’ places in Nintendo’s future. Whether in 2D, 3D or other forms, these beloved series continue resonating with fans.

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