Monster Hunter Now Update 65.0: Weapon Sorting and Great Sword Adjustments

Monster Hunter Now Update 65.0
Monster Hunter Now Update 65.0

Monster Hunter Now Update 65.0 Refinements and Hints at Major New Capcom Title.

Key Highlights:

  • Monster Hunter Now update adds weapon sorting/filtering and Great Sword adjustments
  • Players can now arrange weapons by power or filter by type
  • Other changes include Favourites on upgrade screen, swiping between quest types
  • Update follows recent in-game events; new Legiana event starts November 17th
  • Separately, Capcom confirms major unannounced title coming within 6 months
  • Likely a new entry in Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry or other major franchise
  • Monster Hunter speculated due to 20th anniversary in March 2024

The mobile AR game Monster Hunter Now has received version 65.0 adding quality of life upgrades like weapon organising. Meanwhile, Capcom teases an unannounced major release coming within the next six months.

Monster Hunter Now Update Overview

The new Monster Hunter Now patch enables players to sort and filter their weapon inventories in handy ways. Weapons can be arranged by power or filtered specifically to weapon types.

Other tweaks include:

  • Using Favourites tag on the upgrade screen
  • Swiping to switch between story and event quests
  • Adjustments to Great Sword damage and effects

The changes follow recent in-game hunting events, with a new Legiana quest starting November 17th. You can visit the official website to see all the changes that were made.

Speculation on Capcom’s Mystery Title

Monster Hunter Now Mobile Screenshot

In a financial briefing, Capcom confirmed plans to launch an unannounced major game before March 2024.

Having recently released new Street Fighter and Resident Evil titles, those series seem unlikely. Devil May Cry and MH stand out as more probable candidates.

Monster Hunter in particular lines up with its 20th anniversary in March 2024. The series also recently revealed an updated logo with new art potentially teasing a new entry.

The Hunt Continues on Mobile

While fans speculate what Capcom has hiding up its sleeve, this latest entry provides a way to enjoy hunting on the go through mobile devices.

The version 65 update improves aspects of the experience, though events could still use more variety and rewards.

Between refinements to MH Now and hints at an exciting new project, Capcom continues demonstrating the enduring popularity of its flagship franchises. There should be more to this story in the coming weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned.

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