Age of Empires 4 Cheats Guide – Codes and How to Use Them

Age of Empires IV All Cheat Codes For Xbox and PC

Age of Empires 4 has a host of cheat codes and taunts, here’s how to activate them during gameplay.

Age of Empires IV All Cheat Codes For Xbox and PC

Key Highlights:

  • Cheats guide for Xbox and PC users.
  • Enable in Custom Game setup menu before starting.
  • Open chat and type codes to activate during gameplay.
  • Includes classics like Photon Man and resource spawns.
  • Some only work in campaign or skirmish modes.
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The ability to use cheats has long been a fun tradition across the Age of Empires series. So fans were disappointed when AOE 4 initially launched without them. But a major Season 3 update finally added cheats back into the fold.

Players can now activate an array of helpful and zany effects by typing specific codes into the in-game chat. It opens up new possibilities for messing around against the AI. This guide covers codes for both the Xbox and PC versions of the strategy title.

How to Turn On Cheats

Age of Empires 4 Cheats Allowed Menu Xbox + PC
Turn on Cheats Allowed in The Menu

Enabling cheats is straightforward. When setting up a custom game or loading a campaign mission, there is a “Cheats” checkbox in the menu. Make sure it is turned on before starting.

Age of Empires 4 Pause Menu - Chat Option
Pause Menu Chat Option

Once in the game on PC, simply open the text chat box by hitting Enter and type the appropriate cheat code. Hit enter again and the effect will be activated.

For Xbox users:

  1. Pause the game
  2. Scroll down and select chat
  3. Then choose Global Chat
  4. Use the keyboard to input your codes
Age of Empires 4 Pause Menu - Global Chat Option
Pause Menu Global Chat Option

The cheats take effect immediately but need to be re-entered each new match or mission. They do not permanently carry over.

All Cheat Codes Full List

Photon manSpawn a Photon Man unitSkirmish
Inna jiffyInstantly build, research, and produce unitsSkirmish
Full meal dealGrant yourself food resourcesSkirmish and Campaign
I have an app ideaGrant yourself gold resourcesSkirmish and Campaign
Take it for graniteGrant yourself stone resourcesSkirmish and Campaign
Knock on woodGrant yourself wood resourcesSkirmish and Campaign
SmorgasbordGrant yourself 100,000 of every resourceSkirmish and Campaign
I give upInstantly lose the gameSkirmish and Campaign
It was knownRemove Fog of WarSkirmish
It is knownReveal/hide MapSkirmish
Another roundSlow down simulation in a campaign missionCampaign
Another cupEnable Turbo Mode in a campaign missionCampaign
Age me up scottyAdvance into the next ageSkirmish
Make it quickKill selected units and buildingsSkirmish
Anti-pokeMake all units and buildings invulnerableSkirmish
You monsterKill all Gaia units such as animalsSkirmish
King size bedsEnables maximum Population CapacitySkirmish and Campaign
At the coreSpawn one of each core unitSkirmish and Campaign
Big bad sheepTurn sheep into wolvesSkirmish and Campaign
Out with the newReplace the attack notification alarm with AoE 2 alarmSkirmish and Campaign
One of usConvert selected unitsSkirmish
This is fineSet selected buildings on fireSkirmish
ZeleportTeleport your selected units to your cursorSkirmish
Minimally minimalHides the UISkirmish and Campaign

Instant Builds and Resources

Some of the most useful AOE 4 cheats provide instant construction and research of buildings, units, and technologies. The “inna jiffy” code does this automatically over time.

Several others also grant different or all resources in massive quantities. No more waiting to build up supplies for that wonder or army.

Wolves and Invincibility

Some cheats are just for fun. Turning the map’s sheep into wolves makes early scouting more hazardous. And god mode rendered units invincible to turn the tide of battle.

Campaign-only cheats like “another round” slow down the action when things get too hectic. Or speed up the pace to blaze through easier sections.

Taunting Opponents

Beyond cheats, players can now access a library of taunts for mocking online opponents before matches. Quick chat codes input the desired voice line into the lobby chat.

More taunts get unlocked by playing ranked seasons and other objectives. So players have lots of variety for their pre-game trash talk.

Impacts Achievements and Stats

Age of Empires IV The Sultans Ascend Ship Battles
Image Credit: Relic Entertainment

It should be noted that activating cheats disables earning most achievements and statistical progression. So they are best reserved for casual games.

But for those looking to goof around and supercharge their strategies against the AI, they open up all sorts of possibilities. They are a beloved staple of the series that makes SP and co-op even more enjoyable.

Tradition of AOE Cheating

Creative and silly cheats have been a signature of Age of Empires since the early instalments. They often tie into pop culture jokes and references.

While tamer than the wackiest cheats of the past, AOE 4’s first batch still upholds this tradition marvellously. And hopefully more get added over time to keep the fun train rolling. The video tutorial at the beginning of this article was uploaded by user FlipLeaf on YouTube and many thanks has to go to him.

For now, AOE fans can enjoy revisiting a bit of franchise nostalgia by smiting enemies with lasers, showering themselves in resources, and pelting each other with verbal taunts. These codes breathe new life into the game’s unmatched RTS foundations.

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