Age of Empires 2: The Mountain Royals DLC Leaks Online

Age of Empires The Mountain Royals

Age of Empires 2 Fans Excited by Leaked Details of New Mountain Royals DLC.

Age of Empires The Mountain Royals

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Collection, the legendary real-time strategy title first launched in 2019 as a remaster of the hit 1999 game, is still going strong 4 years later. Publisher Microsoft and developer Forgotten Empires continue updating the Definitive Edition of AOE 2 with new expansions and content. The latest leaked details reveal an upcoming DLC called The Mountain Royals that will transport players to the epic histories of two warrior kingdoms.

The Mountain Royals to Add Armenians and Georgians as Playable Civilisations

According to a premature store listing that was quickly removed, The Mountain Royals will introduce the Armenians and Georgians as playable civilisations. These storied cultures thrived for centuries in the Caucasus mountain region where Europe and Asia converge.

Details on the Armenians and Georgians’ unique units provide intriguing hints at their combat capabilities. The Armenians will wield the Composite Bowman, adept at piercing heavy armour, and the Warrior Priest, a fighter/healer hybrid. The Georgians gain the Monaspa, a cavalry unit that gains power as you amass more of them.

Beyond new civilisations, three sweeping single-player campaigns will recreate pivotal moments in Armenian and Georgian history. Tamar’s Ascension follows Georgia’s first female ruler during her ascendancy to the throne. Thoros the Great chronicles an Armenian prince’s fight to liberate his homeland from hostile empires. Ismail covers a young prodigy guiding the Safavid Order’s rise.

Age of Empires Leaked DLC The Mountain Royals

These iconic historical figures and kingdoms are ideal choices to expand Age of Empires 2’s enormous scope, joining over 40 existing civilisations. Armenia and Georgia were situated at the crossroads of mighty Eastern and Western empires, influencing the region for centuries through culture, architecture, and warfare.

The strategy title remains renowned for bringing history to life through its campaigns and civilisations. The Mountain Royals seems poised to continue that tradition and introduce more players to lesser-known but important medieval cultures. Their geographic focus on the Caucasus should also bring fresh strategic nuance.

Release Date Still Unclear After Premature Posting

No official details on a release date were included in the leak. But given the accidental listing on the Microsoft Store, fans can likely expect an announcement very soon. There was confirmation that is will cost $15 in the US, but as for pricing for other counties, that is TBC. Over 4 years since its first release, Age of Empires 2 retains a passionate community who will be eager to experience The Mountain Royals when it drops.

The fourth installment’s anniversary edition recently got added to the Xbox Game Pass to give console owners a taste of the series.

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For real-time strategy devotees and history buffs alike, this new Age of Empires 2 expansion promises to provide both novel gameplay and edification when it launches, continuing the Definitive Edition’s tradition of high-quality content. The saga of the Armenians and Georgians is sure to enthrall franchise veterans and newcomers when The Mountain Royals ascends the digital throne.

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