My Nintendo Offers Retro Box Art for Super Mario RPG Remake

Super Mario RPG Remake - Mario Catching a Star (Close up)

The Super Mario RPG remake offers retro-inspired rewards like throwback cover art.

Super Mario RPG Remake - Mario Catching a Star (Close up)

Key Highlights:

  • Super Mario RPG remake now available on Switch
  • My Nintendo reward is retro alternate cover art
  • Based on original SNES Western box art and branding
  • Japanese version has game manual styled after 90s ones
  • Appeals to nostalgic fans while updating visuals/audio

Following its surprise announcement earlier this year, the Super Mario RPG remake has now launched on Nintendo Switch. The remake modernises the graphics and gameplay of the beloved 1996 SNES title while remaining faithful to the original.

To coincide with the remake’s nostalgia-filled launch, Nintendo has introduced some fitting rewards for loyal fans. The main highlight is alternate retro-style box art available as a My Nintendo reward.

Throwback Box Art for Remake

Players can redeem 30 Platinum Points to get printable alternate reverse cover art as revealed by Wario64 on social media site X. It mirrors the original Western SNES box, featuring the classic rendered artwork of Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach and other characters.

The retro art even includes the old SNES branding, ESRB rating, and slogan text like “The Adventure of Mario’s Life!” This allows fans to showcase the remake with a blast-from-the-past box.

Based on Original Western Release

The iconic box art was created for Super Mario RPG’s initial Western launch back in 1996. Meanwhile, the Japanese version had a cleaner white background with just the characters.

The new Switch remake actually uses box art inspired by the Japanese release. So this retro reward offers a nice alternative for fans who prefer the busy fully-illustrated Western style.

Japanese Version Adds Manual

In another nostalgic touch, physical copies of Super Mario RPG in Japan will include a printed manual. This is based on the detailed manuals included with SNES games in the 90s. Although not offered in the West, it shows Nintendo’s attention to old-school flavour.

Appeals to Longtime Fans

Super Mario RPG Remake - Mario's House

Between the retro cover art and throwback manual, it’s clear Nintendo wants to leverage nostalgia for the original game. These rewards help make the remake launch special for fans who grew up with the SNES classic.

The cover art perfectly mimics the vintage style many remember seeing as kids browsing game stores. And the manual replicates memories of eagerly reading through them to learn about new worlds.

Remake Updates Key Elements

Super Mario RPG Remake - Mario outside his house gameplay

At the same time, the rest of the Super Mario RPG remake modernises the experience. The graphics and sound are completely refreshed in gorgeous high definition. And the gameplay has been smoothed out with quality of life improvements.

So players get to re-experience the quirky story, characters, and world in a more immersive way. The title at its core remains intact, just elevated across the board.

Celebrating a Beloved Classic

Super Mario RPG initially launched to critical praise in 1996. It marked Mario’s first foray into the popular RPG genre in an exciting collaboration between Nintendo and Square.

Fans have long hoped for a return to its unique world and blend of characters with RPG mechanics. This Switch remake finally delivers in spades.

The rewards and packaging touches show how much nostalgic affection exists for the game after all these years. The remake has so far managed to modernise a classic while keeping its spirit intact.

Gamers who grew up with the original can now pass it on to a new generation. The alternate cover art and manual designs are thoughtful ways to celebrate the SNES roots while diving into the remake.

For both older fans and those discovering Super Mario RPG for the first time, this is the definitive edition. The blend of nostalgia and enhancements make it one of the most appealing remakes in years. Everyone can now appreciate this beloved gem from Mario’s past.

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