Super Mario RPG Remake Returns Remade on Switch

Super Mario RPG Remake - Nintendo Direct
Super Mario RPG Remake - Nintendo Direct

During a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, exciting new details were revealed about the hotly anticipated remake of the beloved classic Super Mario RPG. First announced back in June amidst a flurry of leaks, the remake aims to completely rebuild the iconic Super Nintendo title from the ground up for a new generation.

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Following in the footsteps of other successful Nintendo remakes like 2019’s The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario RPG will go beyond a simple graphical face-lift. While the visual overhaul will certainly be stunning, bringing Mario and friends to life like never before, the game will also receive significant new features and refinements to modernise the experience.

But how much will the core gameplay that fans know and love actually change? Based on the Nintendo Direct, it seems the remake will remain faithful while taking things up a notch.

Revamped Battle System Takes Things Up a Notch

Super Mario RPG Remake Revamped Battle System

The acclaimed Active Command battles are back, but with some major additions. Perfectly timed attacks can now damage entire groups of enemies at once. Furthermore, stringing together successful commands charges up a special ‘Triple Move’ gauge. When full, players can unleash unique powerful techniques depending on their battle party.

Providing even more replay value for veterans, the endgame is being expanded with powered-up boss rematches. This should satisfy players seeking an extra challenge after completing the main adventure.

These new features will likely thrill long-time Super Mario RPG devotees, proving Nintendo is willing to meaningfully build upon the original rather than just cashing in on nostalgia. The involvement and care being poured into the remake could also potentially inspire more Mario-centric spin-offs down the line.

In fact, the Direct also hosted an announcement for a Luigi’s Mansion 2 remake, suggesting major reinvestment in dormant Nintendo series. With the company regularly reimagining its popular franchises lately, perhaps even more forgotten favourites could eventually receive the remake treatment.

Between this title and the many other upcoming Mario projects in development, it seems the mascot plumber’s future has never been brighter. Fans can look forward to revisiting a true classic adventure, completely rebuilt and modernised for Nintendo Switch when the game launches this November.

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For devotees of retro Nintendo magic, the game’s imminent return is an exciting chance to experience one of Mario’s most memorable outings in a whole new light.

Super Mario RPG launches on November 17th, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

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