World of Warcraft Allures Long-Term Subscribers With Special Rewards

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Rewards

Blizzard recently unveiled new in-game rewards available exclusively to World of Warcraft players willing to commit to 6-month or 12-month recurring subscriptions. The offerings provide valuable collectibles while incentivising loyal fans.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Rewards

Key Highlights:

  • Special mounts and pets serve as perks for extended WoW subscriptions.
  • The 6-month reward is the Auspicious Arborwyrm dragon mount.
  • A mini pet version called Cypress comes with it.
  • 12-month subscribers also get the Wavewhisker mount and other goodies.
  • The Arborwyrm matches the Chinese Zodiac theme for 2024.
  • It can be obtained individually or through the subscription.
  • The subscription perks provide bonuses and savings for dedicated players.

Unique Mounts for Loyal Subscribers

Massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft depend on loyal long-term subscribers to maintain an active player base. To incentivise commitment, Blizzard rewards dedicated fans willing to purchase recurring 6-month or 12-month subscriptions.

The latest bonus for 2024 is the majestic Auspicious Arborwyrm mount themed around the Chinese Zodiac. This was revealed via the official WoW website in a new post, accompanying it is a video that explains how everything works. You can view that video footage below:

The stunning wood dragon mount incorporates flowing natural elements into its design. The Arborwyrm uses the same animations as the existing Winding Slitherdrake.

A matching mini pet version called Cypress also comes with the multi-month subscriptions. Though without customisation, the rare mount’s beauty entices dedicated WoW players.

Lucrative 12-Month Subscription Offer

Players willing to commit to a full year gain even more rewards. The 12-month subscription includes the previous Wavewhisker mount and other bonus mounts, pets, and cosmetics from 2023.

With major discounts over paying monthly, the 12-month offer provides great value to regular players. The piled-on bonuses and savings make it an attractive option for the WoW community’s most passionate fans.

Of course, players can also purchase the Arborwyrm and Cypress separately in the in-game shop without subscribing. But the subscription perks add icing on the cake for routine players.

Timed Availability

WoW Season of Discovery Gameplay - Epic Battle
Image: GamesLatestNews

Blizzard emphasises that the Auspicious Arborwyrm will only be available until early July 2024. At that point, it will be removed from the subscription offer and shop, likely replaced by an equivalent mount themed around the next Chinese Zodiac cycle.

This amplifies the appeal to dedicated players, since the majestic Arborwyrm will become exclusive to early 2024 subscribers once it goes away. Committing now ensures securing this limited-time reward before it disappears in mid-2024.

Building Excitement For Upcoming Content

A Battle in WoW Classic Season of Discovery
Image: GamesLatestNews

The Auspicious Arborwyrm reveal comes right before WoW’s upcoming 10.2.5 “Seeds of Renewal” patch launching in mid-January. The update introduces long-awaited universal Dragonriding flight to older continent zones.

Pairing new subscriber rewards with a feature-packed patch generates excitement and draws interest for what’s ahead. The Arborwyrm mount perfectly complements the patch’s theme, while highlighting WoW’s ongoing innovation.

With enticing new subscriptions perks and big improvements around the corner, Blizzard masterfully caters to their most passionate and dedicated players. The valuable bonuses say loyal subscribers won’t be taken for granted. Savvy long-term planning preserves World of Warcraft’s enduring legacy.

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