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Final Horizon Alien

Final Horizon Will Get A PS4 & PS Vita Release In 2014

Stumbling across the official PlayStation Blog today, we noticed that Final Horizon, which is an Alien RTS from developers Total Recoil will be heading to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita at some point in 2014. The title will be more of a space invaders, cross War of The Worlds type game. The extra-terrestrial beings […]

TESO Beta Sign-ups

The Elder Scrolls Online Has Acquired 3 Million Beta Sign-ups

The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta testing has totaled well over 3 million users signing-up and taking part since it’s launch. Bethesda’s Matt Firor told PCGamesN that: We’ve had well over 3 million beta sign-ups, which we haven’t announced before. PCGamesN decided to compare this to the beta stages of Guild Wars 2, with sales […]

PS4 Official Release Date

The Official PS4 Release Date Is Revealed At Gamescom

The official PlayStation 4 release date was revealed by Sony’s Andrew House during the company’s gamesom 2013 press conference this afternoon. He also discussed details on other cool facts such as, well over 1 million people have already pre-ordered the next-gen console to date, and the console will be launching in over 32 countries this […]

AC IV Black Flag PS4

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag PS4 Gameplay At Gamescom

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag was fully showcased at Sony’s presser in Cologne today! The event opened up with lead character “Edward Kenway” and an unknown pirate talking in a deep conversation upon the deck of the Jackdaw. Once they finished, they sailed off to shore to attack an enemy naval fort. The video showed […]

Rime PS4

Rime Announced For PS4 & Vita

Tequila Works have announced at Gamescom 2013, that their platformer “Rime” will be heading to the PS Vita and PlayStation 4. SCE’s Michael Denny revealed the game that come across as extremely mysterious and colourful to say the least. Denny described the upcoming title as an open-world adventure where players can explore the large world […]

Batman Arkham Origins News

Batman: Arkham Origins Won’t Release On Xbox One or PS4

Warner Bros. Montreal have confirmed that their upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins title will not be launching on any of the two next-gen consoles. Ben Mattes, who’s the game’s senior producer revealed the news via his personal Twitter account. He was responding to another tweet from a fan of the series wanting to know if the […]

COD Ghosts Next-Gen Transfer

COD: Ghosts DLC Season Pass & Profiles Transfer To Cross-Gen

It’s been announced that players who decide to purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts on the current-gen video game consoles, will have the option to import their profiles onto the next-generation platforms. Gamers must note however, the transferring system only works for the selected brands. So for example, PS3 data won’t be able to be transferred […]

PS4 Latest News

PS4 Recording Won’t Require PS Plus subscription

The PlayStation 4 video game streaming and recording doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription. The president of worldwide studios for Sony (Shuhei Yoshida) confirmed this via social site Twitter. This revelation follows in the footsteps of the other next-gen console (the Xbox One) receiving news this week that the Xbox One’s DVR features will in-fact […]

Battlefield 4 Battlelog

BF4 Battlescreen Map Not Included For 360 Or PS3

The new Battlemap feature on Battlefield 4 won’t be compatible for the current-gen consoles it has been revealed today. The BF4 Battlelog will be compatible with all versions though. The Battlemap integration is a new second-screen service that allows players to keep track of all their action via a smart full radar-enabled overhead map on […]

AC IV Black Flag

AC IV: Black Flag PS3 & PS4 Exclusive Content Detailed

Ubisoft have given out details on the exclusive content that’s going to be on the PS4 and PlayStation 3 versions of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The detailed explanation goes into how the Assassin’s Creed III Liberation character Aveline de Grandpré gels into the upcoming pirate-themed action/adventure game. Aveline’s storyline will be an hour long, […]