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Injustice: Gods Among Us “Batgirl DLC” Official Trailer

Injustice Gods Among Us Batgirl

NetherRealm Studios has today released the first official trailer showcasing the new Batgirl DLC pack. The arrival of Batgirl to the Injustice: Gods Among Us lineup is a much welcomed one.

She’s got the Joker in her sights to exact revenge on him, and she isn’t gonna play nice. The developers have opted for a physically rehabilitated Barbara Gordon to play as The Dark Female Knight. The Killing Joke storyline will be the main focus, with the trailer giving an insight into the new characters story-line and history.

The character does seem a little serious, which will be welcomed by the fans of Injustice for sure. She also has some decent moves on her which you’ll all no doubt be able to try out once the downloadable content is released.

You’ll be able to download the Batgirl DLC pack shortly, we would tell you the release date on when it’s going to be made available, but the information hasn’t been distributed yet. Once released, the downloadable content will cost 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and £3.99 or $6 on the PlayStation Network.

Injustice Gods Among Us Batgirl
Injustice Gods Among Us Batgirl

Check out the brand new trailer below that’s just recently been released by NetherRealm Studios.

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