Free-To-Play Anno Online Enters Open Beta Today

Browser-based free-to-play build ’em up Anno Online has entered it’s open beta testing today. That makes room for all you strategy gaming people to go and try it out for yourselves. We know that browser games are not ideal, but Anno games are just classics and they always deliver the goods as far as we’re concerned.

Anno Online

Anno Online

You’ll have to remember though, it’s free-to-play browser game-style means that you won’t have the freedom to sit down and play it for hours on end. This after all, is the way that the developers (Ubisoft Entertainment) get you to pay for the full version.

Out of all the vast amount of city-building video games that are about lately, this one has to be the pick of the punch considering it’s a free-to-play module. If you want to check out Anno Online, just visit their official website and sign in with your Uplay account.

Let us know what you think of Anno Online and all the other city builders out there, by commenting below.

Anno Online Open Beta Testing

Anno Online Open Beta Testing


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