Skater XL Collaborates with Dickies Skateboarding for Fire Station Park DLC

Skater XL DLC Update
Skater XL DLC Update

Easy Day Studios and Dickies Skateboarding have teamed up to launch an electrifying new update for Skater XL, with the introduction of the Fire Station Park DLC. This cutting-edge update pays tribute to the recently inaugurated skate plaza at Fire Station Park in Fort Worth, Texas, supported by Dickies. The digital rendition in Skater XL is a faithful reproduction of the actual skatepark, a result of a joint effort with the park’s designers, New Line Skateparks.

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Fire Station Park: A Skate Plaza Without Boundaries

Dive into the vast and vibrant universe of Fire Station Park, a place where Skater XL enthusiasts can savour the excitement of this exceptional skate plaza without leaving their homes. The map boasts a variety of terrain routes, a concrete pump track ripe for grinding, and a plethora of unique angles and elevations. Every skateable aspect present in the real Fire Station Park has been painstakingly replicated to deliver a bona fide and thrilling skateboarding thrill.

Jeff Goforth, Easy Day Studios’ Marketing Director, voices his eagerness about the collaboration, saying,

“Working with Dickies on Skater XL has been a fantastic experience, and we can’t wait for players to get their hands on Fire Station Park, wherever they might be. It’s amazing to think that people from all over the world can get a glimpse of what the Fort Worth skate community has, thanks to Dickies.”

Joseph Monteleone, Dickies Skateboarding’s Global Brand Manager, mirrors this sentiment, stating,

“It’s great to see Dickies and Skater XL working together on another initiative. It was a brilliant project to bring the Fire Station Park Skate Plaza to life, both in reality and virtually, for everyone to skate. We think both the gaming and skating communities will have a blast.”

Accessing the Fire Station Park DLC and Future Updates

The Fire Station Park DLC map update is readily accessible via the in-game Mod Browser in Skater XL. This vibrant addition is just the tip of the iceberg. As more exciting updates are on the horizon for Skater XL in 2023, ensuring even more heart-pounding moments for skateboard lovers.

Skater XL is now available for purchase at £39.99 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam. Additionally you can grab a copy at selected physical retailers for Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Don’t miss the chance to delve into the exhilarating universe of skateboarding in Skater XL and conquer the challenges of Fire Station Park.

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