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Ultimate Guide to Mastering Days Gone: Essential Tips and Strategies

Days Gone Tips
Days Gone Tips

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of ‘Days Gone’, a thrilling action-adventure game that has captivated players worldwide. Set in a dystopian future, you’ll navigate through a harsh landscape teeming with ‘Freakers’ – dangerous creatures that were once human. As Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter, your survival skills will be put to the test. This guide aims to equip you with essential tips and strategies to master the game. So, buckle up and let’s dive in!

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Understanding the Basics of ‘Days Gone’

Days Gone is more than just a survival game; it’s a journey through a narrative-driven world where your decisions matter. The game’s mechanics revolve around combat, exploration, and resource management, with a heavy emphasis on the story and side missions. These missions not only add depth to the game’s plot but also provide opportunities to earn valuable resources and upgrades. Furthermore the game is populated with key characters and factions, each with their own stories and motivations, adding a layer of complexity to your survival journey.

Essential Days Gone Tips

  • Importance of Patience: Why You Shouldn’t Rush Through the Story

As previously mentioned, Days Gone is a narrative-driven game, and rushing through the story can lead to missed opportunities and unprepared encounters. Take your time, explore the environment, and engage with the story at a pace that allows you to fully appreciate the depth of the game.

  • The Power of Observation: Using Your Binoculars Effectively

Binoculars are an essential tool in Days Gone. Use them to scout areas for enemies, resources, and points of interest. This will help you plan your approach and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

  • The Sound of Survival: Using Your Ears to Stay Alive

Listen carefully to the sounds around you. The growls of Freakers, the hum of a nearby generator, or the distant rumble of a bike can provide valuable information about your surroundings.

  • Side Missions: The Benefits of Not Ignoring Them

Side missions are more than just distractions from the main story. They provide opportunities to gain experience, resources, and insights into the world of Days Gone. Plus, they often offer exciting challenges and rewards.

Mastering Stealth Gameplay

Days Gone Tips Stealth

Stealth is your best friend in ‘Days Gone’. The game’s world is teeming with Freakers and hostile humans, making a head-on approach a risky strategy. Instead, adopt a stealthy playstyle. Move cautiously, avoid unnecessary confrontations, and use the environment to your advantage. Remember, Freakers are attracted to noise, so keep your activities low-key. Master the art of stealth takedowns, which allow you to eliminate enemies quietly and conserve precious ammo.

  • Melee Combat: The Importance of Your Melee Weapon

Ammo can be scarce in Days Gone, making your melee weapon a reliable alternative. Keep it in good condition and upgrade it when possible to ensure you’re always ready for close-quarters combat.

  • Map Awareness: Utilising the Map for Survival

The map is a vital tool in Days Gone. It provides information about your surroundings, mission locations, and points of interest. Regularly check your map to plan your routes and stay aware of potential dangers.

Resource Management: Ammo and Fuel

In the harsh world of ‘Days Gone’, resources are scarce. Ammo and fuel are two essentials that you must manage effectively. Ammo is limited and should be used sparingly. Aim for headshots to maximise damage and conserve bullets. Fuel is crucial for your bike, your primary mode of transport. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge and refuel at camps whenever possible. Remember, a well-stocked survivor is a living survivor.

Upgrading Your Bike: A Key to Survival

Days Gone Upgrading Bike

Your bike is your lifeline in ‘Days Gone’. It’s your primary mode of transport, allowing you to traverse the vast landscape quickly. Upgrading your bike improves its speed, fuel capacity, and durability. Prioritise engine upgrades for better speed and fuel tank upgrades for longer rides. As you progress, you’ll unlock more upgrades, turning your bike into a reliable companion in this unforgiving world.

  • Navigating Difficult Terrain with Your Bike

Your bike is your primary mode of transport in Days Gone. Learn to handle it well, especially on rough terrain. Regular upgrades will improve its performance and durability.

Harnessing the Power of ‘Focus’

‘Focus’ is a unique feature in ‘Days Gone’ that allows you to slow down time, highlighting items of interest and making combat more manageable. Use ‘Focus’ to aim better during combat, spot resources, and identify enemy positions. Remember to upgrade your ‘Focus’ ability to increase its duration and effectiveness.

Skill Upgrades: Enhancing Your Survival Skills

Skill upgrades are essential for improving your combat effectiveness, survival skills, and crafting abilities. You earn skill points by gaining experience from combat and completing missions. Invest in the melee skill tree to improve your close-quarters combat, the ranged skill tree to enhance your gunplay, and the survival skill tree to boost your crafting and healing abilities.

  • Tips for Combat and Defence

Combat in Days Gone can be challenging. Use your environment to your advantage, aim for headshots, and don’t be afraid to retreat and regroup when necessary. Your survival is the ultimate goal.

Clearing Infestations: A Survival Necessity

Freaker Infestations 1

Freaker infestations are areas where these creatures nest and multiply. Clearing these infestations not only makes the area safer but also unlocks fast travel points, making navigation easier. To clear an infestation, you’ll need to locate and burn all nests in the area. Be prepared for a fight, though, as Freakers don’t take kindly to their nests being destroyed.

Crafting and Scavenging: Essential Survival Skills

In ‘Days Gone’, you’ll need to rely on your crafting skills to survive. From healing items to weapons and traps, crafting is an integral part of the game. Scavenging is equally important, as it provides the materials needed for crafting. Always be on the lookout for supplies and remember to craft items regularly to ensure you’re always prepared.

Understanding Missions: The Yellow Requirement

‘Days Gone’ features a mission system that drives the game’s narrative. Missions marked with yellow icons are required to progress the story, while those with red or white/gray icons are optional. However, even optional missions can provide valuable rewards and insights into the game’s world, so they’re worth pursuing.

Dealing with Hordes: A Guide to Survival

Hordes are large groups of Freakers that roam the game’s world. Encountering a horde can be a terrifying experience, as these creatures are relentless and deadly. Avoid hordes whenever possible, especially in the early stages of the game. Moreover If you do encounter a horde, use your environment to your advantage, set traps, and never stop moving.

NERO Checkpoints: Uncovering Stat Upgrades

NERO (National Emergency Response Organisation) Checkpoints are scattered throughout the game’s world. These locations often contain valuable resources, including NERO Injectors, which can permanently increase your health, stamina, or ‘Focus’. To access these checkpoints, you’ll need to restore power by finding and fuelling generators, but be careful not to attract unwanted attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A. Common Queries about Gameplay Mechanics

We’ll address common questions about the gameplay mechanics in Days Gone, providing clear answers and helpful tips.

Is Days Gone a hard game?

With the acquisition of a few key skills and improved weaponry, even on the higher difficulty levels, the game becomes relatively straightforward.

What is the best way to take on a horde Days Gone?

Prior to alerting the horde, strategically position traps in bottleneck areas to maximise their effectiveness.

What is the best weapon in Days Gone?

The best weapon by far is the Chicago Chopper.

How big is the biggest horde in Days Gone?

The biggest horde you can get is 500.

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