Final Fantasy 16’s Invictus Sword Graces Historical Display at the Tower of London

FINAL FANTASY XVI Invictus Sword X Royal Armouries
FINAL FANTASY XVI Invictus Sword X Royal Armouries

Steeped in history and grandeur, the Tower of London prepares to serve as the temporary home for a stunning replica of Invictus, the distinctive sword of Clive Rosfield, the main character in Final Fantasy 16.

The Sword of Invictus: A Piece of Gaming History

This exceptional public display promises an intriguing juxtaposition, with the digitally-inspired weapon showcased alongside the time-honoured suits of armour worn by British royalty including the likes of King Henry VIII.

Emma Mawdsley, the keeper of the Tower Armouries, exclaims,

“The persistence of sword crafting as a historic art form, particularly its presence in the realm of video games, is both inspiring and captivating. There’s no more fitting tribute than to position this exclusive Final Fantasy 16 sword amidst our renowned collection at the Royal Armouries.”

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Final Fantasy 16 is all set for its PlayStation 5 debut on June 22nd, following the recent release of a playable demo on the PlayStation Store. In a twist of events, some copies of the game have already found their way into the public domain prior to its official launch. In response, Square Enix, the game’s publisher, has been vigilantly monitoring pre-release media, urging fans fortunate enough to have early access not to reveal any plot spoilers.

FINAL FANTASY 16 Tower Of London

During a live pre-release steam on Saturday, the game’s development team unexpectedly confirmed the release of a day one patch for Final Fantasy 16, contrary to earlier claims that it wouldn’t be necessary. This update is set to address various game progression and crash issues, along with enhancing performance in specific parts of the game.

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In response to player feedback, Yoshida from the development team has also announced plans to include an option to disable motion blur and adjust camera movement in a forthcoming update.

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