How to Solve the Small Cave Shrine Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake small cave shrine puzzle solution, all symbols
Resident Evil 4 Remake small cave shrine puzzle solution, all symbols

Inside the twisted world of Resident Evil 4 Remake lies the enigmatic Small Cave Shrine, a location of paramount importance. Tucked away northeast of the Lake, this eerie cave houses a challenging dial puzzle that holds the key to your progress – the coveted Blasphemer’s Head. The short video tutorial below will solve the puzzle for you in 20 seconds or alternatively you can read on if you want to complete it via the longer route.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake small cave shrine puzzle map

Venturing into the Small Cave Shrine, you’ll discover a two-story wooden building nestled within the cave’s depths, accessible only by boat. Unlike its larger counterpart, the Large Cave Shrine, this smaller sanctuary remains devoid of any lurking foes, granting you some respite – if you don’t mind the eerie ambiance, that is.

Now, the crux of your challenge lies in deciphering the dial puzzle. A triumvirate of dials awaits your mastery, each corresponding to nearby murals. Failing to crack this cryptic code means you’ll remain ensnared in this dark enigma, unable to progress further in your heroic quest to rescue Ashley.

To aid your daring quest, we unveil the secrets behind each mural’s location and their cryptic solutions. Fear not the wasted hours, for we have your back with this definitive guide to conquering the Small Cave Shrine dial puzzle.

Total Time: 1 minute

Mural Location 1 – Unveiling the First Clue

Resident Evil 4 Remake Small Cave Shrine dial puzzle mural location 1

Direct your gaze to the left side of the dial puzzle room, where a wooden wall stands adorned with the first mural. This vital clue beckons you to delve deeper into the cave’s secrets. You must memorise this symbol that resembles a snake, as it’s important later on.

Mural Location 2 – Hidden High Above

Resident Evil 4 Remake Small Cave Shrine dial puzzle mural location 2

Casting your eyes upwards, you shall find the second mural gracing the upper part of the cave wall on the right side of the dial puzzle room. A visual riddle awaiting your keen perception. Again, try to remember the symbol as there’s only one more to go now.

Mural Location 3 – The Ladder to Revelation

Resident Evil 4 remake Small Cave Shrine dial puzzle mural location 3

Ascend to the first floor using the ladder mentioned earlier, and there lies the third and final mural split in half – one on the wooden wall in front of you, and the other on the cave wall. Seek their truths and proceed forth.

With your newfound knowledge, you may choose to activate these three cryptic murals on the dial puzzle, unlocking the path to the Blasphemer’s Head. Alternatively, follow our lead and embrace the revealed solution showcased in the video tutorial at the beginning of this article, expediting your journey to this prized relic.

If you want more help in completing the game, then why not check out our full RE4 Remake Guide that has every puzzle, gameplay tips and boss fight covered.

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