Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Confirmed for PS5 and PC

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Launches on PS5 and PC
Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Launches on PS5 and PC

Horizon fans, ready your bows! Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition launches October 6th on PlayStation 5, compiling the epic base game and Burning Shores DLC into one content-packed title. For £54.99 (TBC) / $59.99 USD / €69.99, this is the definitive way to experience Aloy’s continued quest to save a ravaged future Earth.

What’s Inside the Complete Edition?

The Complete Edition includes the extensive Forbidden West campaign, where Aloy battles increasingly imposing machines and unravels mysteries behind a demonic red blight consuming all life. Her journey takes her into the overgrown ruins of the American West and Pacific coast.

Also included is the Burning Shores story expansion set amidst post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and the volcanic islands offshore. Here, Aloy confronts cultish foes while preventing this new frontier from collapsing into utter chaos.

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Together, Forbidden West and Burning Shores present a massive open world brimming with places to explore, allies to aid, threats to overcome, and most importantly, awe-inspiring machines to fight using an arsenal of specialized weapons and gear.

Beyond the critically-acclaimed adventures, Complete Edition provides digital access to Forbidden West and Burning Shore’s soundtracks. These sweeping scores invigorate the action while channeling each environment’s unique ambience.

A comprehensive digital art book grants a behind-the-scenes look at the games’ development through vivid concept images and intimate creator commentary. Additionally, a Horizon Zero Dawn origin comic book fleshes out the backstory.

Exclusive player customization options come via special photo mode poses and face paints to make Aloy stand out. Story progress unlocks further in-game outfits, weapons, items, and resources to empower your machine hunting capabilities.

Prepare for the PC Launch

Moreover, eager PC adventurers, your patience will soon be rewarded. Thanks to a collaboration with talented studio Nixxes Software, Forbidden West: Complete Edition is slingshotting onto Steam and Epic Games in early 2024.

For those seeking Horizon’s definitive saga so far, the Complete Edition presents an unrivaled value. It compiles the engrossing narratives, exhilarating challenges, and futuristic primal beauty that define Guerrilla’s vision into a single package filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. So ready your bow and join Aloy on her grandest adventure yet!

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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is scheduled for an October 6th release on PS5 with a PC version launching early 2024.

Source – PlayStation.Blog

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