Far Cry 7 Aiming for 2025 Launch According to Report

Far Cry 7 Story News
Far Cry 7 Story News

According to new details obtained by Insider Gaming, Ubisoft’s next numbered entry in the Far Cry series, internally referred to as Project Blackbird, is slated for release in fall 2025. The forthcoming Far Cry 7, as we’ll call it, is in development at Ubisoft Montreal and will transition the franchise to the Snowdrop engine from the proprietary Dunia technology used since Far Cry 2.

Earlier alleged leaks about a tropical Far Cry: Rise are inaccurate per Insider Gaming’s sources. However, Far Cry 7 is said to feature a non-linear campaign centered on rescuing a kidnapped family from a militant group currently dubbed the ‘Sons of Truth.’

While specifics may evolve over development, the premise reportedly involves a 72 hour (24 hours real-time) timer to rescue all family members. The clock pauses inside safehouses, and the story outcome varies based on whether the player succeeds and who survives. The goal is apparently taking down the Sons of Truth by safely recovering everyone.

New Interrogation Mechanic Planned to Gather Intel on Locations

Far Cry 6 Jungle Gameplay Screen

One new mechanic mentioned is an interrogation system for gathering intel on the kidnapped family’s whereabouts. Enemies may give information, lie, stay silent or escape when interrogated. This adds more variability to investigations.

We literally only just analysed the potential release dates and setting around 3 weeks ago. Around two months ago a job listing for a new Far Cry game emerged at Ubisoft Toronto which we also covered. Hopefully now more news surrounding the iconic first-person shooter series comes in thick and fast in the months ahead.

However, Ubisoft’s announcements have been inconsistent lately, so official details could drop anytime. But as and when there is more to go by, we’ll share updates as we hear more on the upcoming title leading up to the anticipated 2025 launch.

The non-linear approach and family rescue angle seem to position the FPS’s narrative as more intimate and personal than the series’ traditional lone warrior stories. And the engine shift may enable gameplay innovations beyond iterative improvements. But fans eager for another sprawling open world shooter will likely find familiar elements to embrace when the next numbered entry arrives in a few years.

The game which is yet to be titled, is currently in development.

Source – Insider Gaming

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