Creative Chief Wants to Revive Classic Rayman Franchise

Ubisoft Icon Rayman
Ubisoft Icon Rayman

The creative director of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Davide Soliani, recently expressed strong interest in returning to develop a brand new entry in Ubisoft’s classic Rayman platforming franchise.

The limbless hero starred in a crossover DLC expansion for Sparks of Hope in August, marking his first major gaming appearance in over a decade since 2013’s Rayman Legends. Soliani believes the time is right to bring back Rayman in a starring role again based on fan response to the DLC.

In an interview with NintendoEverything, Soliani was asked if he would want to work on a new Rayman game.

He emphatically said he:

“would be crazy to not take that chance” if the opportunity arose.

Davide Soliani

Soliani explained that since Rayman isn’t tethered to realism, the developers would have endless creative freedom designing wildly imaginative worlds, characters and enemies from scratch. He said this artistry represented the pinnacle of development possibilities.

Soliani also noted that the experience on Sparks of Hope allowed them to exercise that creativity through unique enemy designs and artistic environments. He hopes the nostalgic DLC can help rally fan support to convince Ubisoft to greenlight a new entry in the classic franchise. A secret message for dedicated players was also hinted at for 100% DLC completion.

The last original title release was 2013’s Rayman Legends and its 2017 Nintendo Switch definitive edition. While still beloved, he has been largely overshadowed by the popular Rabbids in recent years, relegated to minor cameo roles. But Soliani believes the enduring love for the limbless hero justifies bringing back the platforming gameplay that defined the game’s peak.

Soliani’s passion for reviving Rayman comes from working on the character’s debut game in 1995 at Ubisoft. He would love to see the Ubisoft icon become a guest fighter in crossover series like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, though acknowledges that is Nintendo’s decision. A playable appearance could further boost awareness.

Original Rayman PS1 Band World Level
Original Rayman PS1 Band World Level

The Rayman franchise pioneered accessible and fluid 2D platforming design that still holds up remarkably well. As classic side scrolling gameplay experiences a resurgence, the time seems ripe for Ubisoft to put their iconic mascot back in the spotlight with Soliani’s help.

Sparks of Hope demonstrated Ubisoft’s willingness to revisit its catalogue in creative ways. By blending familiar Rayman elements into the irreverent Mushroom Kingdom merger, they found a perfect motivation to reintroduce him to modern audiences. The enthusiastic response proves latent demand for more solo adventures exists.

Hopefully the passion Soliani expressed coupled with veteran fans nostalgia provides the necessary momentum. While Ubisoft has not officially confirmed a revival, the DLC reception suggests the legendary gaming icon would be welcomed back eagerly after his protracted absence. For a storied mascot that still retains strong name value, the next logical step is a proper follow-up that channels the magic of his heyday.

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If given the chance, Soliani appears determined to propel his limbless labour of love back into the limelight. The creativity and care shown adapting Rayman for Sparks of Hope indicates Ubisoft has the right team already on hand. Perhaps a glimpse into the acclaimed director’s own fantasy world may become reality sooner than anticipated thanks to humble beginnings blossoming once more.

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