A Horizon Easter Egg in Ghost of Tsushima

A Horizon Easter Egg in Ghost of Tsushima
A Horizon Easter Egg in Ghost of Tsushima

Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West captivated PlayStation gamers with their imaginative post-apocalyptic worlds. Devoted fans now delight in discovering subtle Horizon references hidden in other titles. A clever example was recently unearthed in Ghost of Tsushima.

Specifically, Reddit user The5thPillar_ spotted an origami sculpture of a Tallneck on Iki Island, where Jin Sakai goes to explore after hearing about rumors of a Mongol presence. The Island is an expansion for Ghost of Tsushima, and is only available in the Director’s Cut.

Tallnecks are one of Horizon’s most iconic peaceful machines – towering, long-necked robots that Aloy can climb and override to reveal details about the surrounding environment. Finding this carefully folded paper tribute to the beloved Tallnecks is definitely a pleasant surprise for fans of Aloy’s adventures. It reflects the close-knit community of PlayStation studios like Guerrilla and Sucker Punch creatively honoring each other’s work through Easter eggs.

A Flashback to Overriding Horizon’s Giants

Beyond the thrill of unexpected crossovers, this particular Tallneck reference evokes nostalgia. Overriding these colossal tamed robots to locate campfires, bandits, and merchants and take in gorgeous vistas was a signature Horizon highlight. Placing a humble origami version in Ghost of Tsushima’s beautiful open world is a fitting homage.

Playful Crossover Between PS Studios’ Hits

These playful winks also serve to unite the PlayStation ecosystem. Hidden references encourage fans of one exclusive to experience the others. Subtle gestures build goodwill and close bonds between studios.

Of course, such secrets are only possible thanks to the passion studios like Guerrilla and Sucker Punch pour into crafting fully-realized worlds brimming with personality and heart. This care makes splicing in friendly nods to fellow developers’ creations worthwhile.

Gaming offers unlimited potential for immersive escapism and creative expression. Easter eggs like Horizon’s Tallneck model exemplify this artistry while respectfully celebrating fellow titles. More importantly, they remind that at the core, passionate developers share a common creative spirit and vision to transport players to new universes.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is accessible on PS4 and PC – Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5.

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